Nordictrack Treadmill Reviews 2017

Last Updated: 2/15/2017

See the 2017 Nordictrack Treadmill Reviews below. NordicTrack is a leading brand of fitness equipment owned by parent company ICON Health and Fitness. NordicTrack was founded in 1975 by Edward and Florence Pauls, when they invented the first NordicTrack ski machine. Having been told by a cardiologist that the NordicTrack was the best cardio workout machine he’d seen, the Pauls opened for business to Minnesota. In 1998, ICON acquired NordicTrack and added treadmills to the NordicTrack brand. Today, NordicTrack is the world’s best selling home treadmill brand. Over the years, they have added exercise bikes and elliptical trainers to their product line, and pioneered the development of incline trainers beginning in 2009.

US-based ICON Health and Fitness holds over 250 patents and includes brands like Weider, ProForm, Gold’s Gym, and iFit. Products include weight machines, yoga mats, and fitness wearables and more.

2017 NordicTrack Treadmill Product Line Summary

NordicTrack’s 2017 line includes treadmills that fit every goal and budget. Affordable home machines in the C series start at $799, and should fit the needs of those looking to lose weight and stay fit. Features available in the C series include iFit bluetooth, color or LED displays, and up to 12% incline and 3% decline.

Commercial series treadmills start at $1,499 and include upgraded motors and commercial-grade steel. Touch screen displays, iFit readiness, power incline and decline are also available. Their top commercial model even features 40 built-in apps to make the most of your workout.

The wildly popular incline trainers, starting at $1599, feature extras like steep inclines of up to 40% for up to 5 times the calorie burning, web-enabled touchscreen displays, EKG heart-rate monitors, Reflex (TM) cushioning, adjustable tablet holders, and iPod compatible sound systems.


NordicTrack C 700

2.75 CHP motor, iFit Bluetooth for wireless device integration, new calorie burn meter



NordicTrack C 990

3.0 CHP motor, 7” web-enabled touchscreen, 20×60 walking belt with Flex Select cushioning



NordicTrack C 1650

3.5 CHP motor, up to 12% incline, 10” web-enabled touchscreen, tablet holder



NordicTrack 1750

3.8 CHP motor, 7” web-enabled touchscreen, 22×60 tread belt, 15% incline – 3% decline



NordicTrack 2450

4.0 CHP motor, 10” web-enabled touchscreen, WhisperQuiet Durable Design (TM), 15% incline – 3% decline



NordicTrack 2950

4.25 CHP motor, power adjustable uprights, 10” web-enabled touchscreen, WhisperQuiet Durable Design (TM)



NordicTrack X7i

2.75 CHP motor, 7” backlit display, 22×60 tread belt, -3% to 40% incline, WhisperQuiet design, reflex cushioning



NordicTrack X9i

3.0 CHP motor, 22×60 tread belt, up to 40% incline, Bluetooth chest strap, WhisperQuiet design, tablet holder



NordicTrack X11i

4.25 CHP motor, iFit enabled, 10” web-enabled touchscreen, -6% to 40% incline, iPod compatibility, WhisperQuiet design, tablet holder



NordicTrack Treadmill Desk

Since its introduction years ago, the NordicTrack Treadmill Desk has been giving users more options to stay active during their work day.



NordicTrack Treadmill Desk Platinum

The NordicTrack Treadmill Desk Platinum represents an upgrade over the original Treadmill Desk.It features a more powerful, 3.0 continuous horsepower motor.


If you’re into staying fit at work, NordicTrack also offers its treadmill desks starting at $999. They come complete with USB charging, iFit, and more.

The Pro’s About NordicTrack/Our Top Three Favorite NordicTrack Features

Powerful motors – NordicTrack treadmill motors are more powerful than other brands in the same price range. Most are 3.0 CHP (continuous horse power) or higher.

Fun features – Consoles are designed to make your workouts more effective – and fun! Web browsers, iFit, tablet holders, and super-bright displays help keep you motivated and entertained.

Warranties – NordicTrack’s warranty offers lifetime guarantees on the motor and the frame, plus up to 6 years parts and 3-years in-home labor.

Overall, It’s a Yes.

The above are just highlights of what we like about NordicTrack. Quality and functionality abound in their treadmills. Size and storage may be the only problem for some, with some models nearly 7 feet long. However, folding models are also available. You also might also consider getting help with the limited assembly required.