Best Ellipticals of 2022

Last Updated: 1/10/2022

Research, testing, and experience over the last several years has led to create a thorough list of 2022’s Best Ellipticals. Every year, top manufacturers release updates to the previous years’ models and new equipment entirely, constantly keeping us on our toes. After months of reviewing, we’ve picked our favorites. Should you reach the end of this list and still have questions, be sure to leave them in the comments and we’ll do our best to help you out!

Something We’ve Come To Learn Over The Years:

Not all home ellipticals are created equal. More expensive ellipticals aren’t always better. That’s why we’ve picked apart today’s available home ellipticals to find out which ones are worth the expense and which ones aren’t. Luckily, there’s something out there for everyone. Sometimes it just takes a little digging.

Years of research, months of testing, and a whole lot of $$$ spent have led to creating this all-inclusive list of today’s BEST ELLIPTICALS available for home use. We’ve broken down our favorites into two categories:

Best Ellipticals

These are the best ellipticals out there, with an impressive list of features that justify the price tag. We’ve compared the features available, versatility, durability, and longevity.

  1. NordicTrack FS7i FreeStride Trainer Elliptical
  2. ProForm HIIT Trainer Pro
  3. NordicTrack Spacesaver SE7i Elliptical
  4. Sole E95 Elliptical
  5. Bowflex Max Trainer M6
  6. NordicTrack FS9i FreeStride Trainer Elliptical
  7. ProForm SMART Endurance 920 E Elliptical
  8. NordicTrack Commercial 14.9 Elliptical
  9. Sole E95S Elliptical
  10. Sole E55 Elliptical

Best Budget Ellipticals

These are the best bang for your buck — when your buck is limited. We know not everyone can spend $1000+ on a home elliptical so we’re showing you the best options for items that are a little more friendly towards limited budgets.

  1. NordicTrack Spacesaver SE7i Elliptical
  2. Bowflex Max Trainer M3
  3. ProForm SMART HIIT Trainer
  4. ProForm Endurance 520 E Elliptical
  5. Horizon EX59 Elliptical
  6. NordicTrack C 9.5 Elliptical
  7. Cubii Under The Desk Elliptical

Best Ellipticals

Below is our list of best ellipticals for 2022. Determining whether you’d like a rear, front, or center drive elliptical is part of the decision making process, but it’s a minor decision. To learn more about drive position, skip to the end of this article. We have chosen the ellipticals listed below because they are built well and reliable. Each customer service, delivery, and assembly experience with these different models was a positive experience. And many of them have additional features that make using it a more efficient, comfortable, and rewarding.

The NordicTrack FS7i FreeStrider

NordicTrack’s midline freestride trainer, the FS7i, works more muscles than your typical elliptical. Combining the traditional gliding stride of an elliptical with the up and down motion of a stair stepper, the FS7i is a great, low-impact cardio machine.This is our BEST BUY for home ellipticals between $1500 – $2000.

Why The FS7i Is A Great Purchase

The entire Freestride Series from NordicTrack is very impressive. Their midrange FS7i gives you all the added benefits of this unique elliptical with a very justifiable price tag. By combining the fluid motion of an elliptical with the challenge of a stair climbing, you’re able to engage more muscle groups with this home elliptical. Though it offers more of a challenge than most ellipticals, it remains very low-impact.

The FS7i has earned our BEST BUY award for home ellipticals between $1500 and $2000. While this home elliptical isn’t “cheap”, the cost is well worth it. It offers a dependable center drive system with a heavy 20-pound flywheel. The center drive allows the FS7i a smaller footprint and easier access to the foot pedals.

Additionally, the FS7i has great entertainment features including a 7 inch HD touchscreen display. The onboard workouts are impressive. These workouts are entertaining and engaging and meet our current standards for today’s tech and fitness expectations. You can also access a much larger library of workout videos and tools with the FS7i’s companion iFit subscription service.


  • Heavy flywheel – 20 pounds
  • Smaller footprint thanks to the center drive
  • Move mobility with the combination of elliptical and stair stepper movement
  • Allows the user to work more muscle groups
  • Provides more cardio challenge while remaining low-impact
  • Access to iFit Coach for a never ending supply of workout videos, series, and fitness tools
  • Provides more onboard workouts than most home ellipticals
  • High user weight capacity – 375 lbs
  • Fans built into the console add more comfort to your workout
  • Free home delivery available
  • Large stride makes this elliptical effective for most users
  • Digital incline can be adjusted without interrupting your workout


  • Difficult to transport
  • High step up height – 14.75 inches

Read our complete review of the NordicTrack FS7i Freestrider elliptical here.

The ProForm HIIT Trainer Pro

ProForm’s HIIT Trainer Pro has made the list of BEST ELLIPTICALS for 2022 because it uses the ellipticals basic system of gliding foot pedals for low-impact cardio. While it’s not your traditional elliptical, it provides a similar workout with more added benefits.

Why The ProForm HIIT Trainer Pro Is A Great Purchase

The HIIT Trainer Pro from ProForm more closely resembles the stride of a stair climber but still offers an impressively low-impact cardio workout. Like most ellipticals, the HIIT Trainer’s drive utilizes a heavy flywheel for fluid pedal control.

The HIIT Trainer Pro is a tool for performing High-Intensity Interval Training. This form of exercise repeats intervals of high-intensity exercises followed by active rest/recovery. The onboard workouts on the ProForm HIIT Trainer Pro consist of HIIT workout videos that provide quick, but challenging, cardio workouts. It’s a great tool for quick and efficient use of time.

During your workout, your feet maintain contact with the foot pedals. This eases pressure on joints and stress on your back. The moving handlebars carry your cardio workout through your lower and upper body, providing a well rounded workout. You can isolate the lower body by utilizing the HIIT Trainer Pro’s stationary handles.


  • Moving and stationary handles
  • Larger 10 inch HD display
  • Large library of onboard workouts – 34+
  • Access to iFit Coach for an endless library of workout videos and tools
  • Onboard workouts control the machines resistance levels as you follow along with the classes
  • Compact footprint makes this a great space saving cardio machine
  • Includes EKG pulse grips and ANT+ HR chest strap
  • Heavy 30 pound flywheel for more fluid motion
  • Heavy user weight capacity – 350 lbs
  • Built-in workout fan


  • Limited stride length – 10” vertical, 5” horizontal
  • No incline option

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The NordicTrack Spacesaver SE7i

The SE7i is called a “Spacesaver” because of its folding ability. This home elliptical is built to fold and transport easily. You can put this elliptical away and completely out of sight while its not being used which is a huge bonus for many users. The Spacesaver SE7i is wildly popular and for good reason. The SE7i is a well built elliptical that offers a great workout for very little investment.

Why The SE7i Is A Great Purchase

There are two major elements to the SE7i elliptical that make it a great purchase – the price and its ability to fold and store.

For less than $1000, you can own an elliptical that works really well and has the additional feature of being able to fold and hide. This elliptical has a list of modest features that we would expect to see in such a budget-friendly home cardio machine. It offers an 18-pound flywheel, silent magnetic resistance, and 22 digital resistance levels.

Adding to your comfort, the SE7i comes with cooling fans built into the console and quick select controls for adjusting resistance and incline. By connecting the SE7i via Bluetooth to a mobile device, you can access iFit Coach which comes free for 12 months with your SE7i purchase. This massive library of workouts is a great tool to pair with your elliptical and floor workouts.


  • Space saving folding design allows you to store the elliptical completely out of sight
  • 24 onboard workouts available
  • Free 12 month membership to iFit Coach
  • Elliptical automatically adjusts to meet resistance and incline of the iFit video you’re following
  • Moving and stationary handle options
  • Very easy to assembly
  • Light weight cardio equipment
  • 8 levels of incline


  • Limited warranty
  • Shorter stride length

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The Sole E95 Elliptical

The E95 is Sole’s most expensive elliptical but it has a major super power that some users can’t go without – an unbeatable weight capacity of 400 pounds. True to Sole’s reputation, their ellipticals are well built, sturdy, reliable cardio machines.

Why The E95 Is A Great Purchase

With their impressive user weight capacity and a lifetime warranty to back it up, we’re confident that the E95 is an elliptical that can endure heavy use for extended periods. You are bound to outlive this elliptical.

The Sole E95 elliptical is similar to their treadmills when it comes to onboard workouts. They use a small set of workouts that we’re all familiar with. While this may feel outdated to some, others will find that this simple piece of machinery is easy to learn, use, and enjoy. The E95 has 5 onboard workouts available that focus on HIIT, hill training, fat burning cardio, interval training, and strength training. Additional workout options include the manual setting, to customizable user profiles, and 2 variations of target heart rate exercise.

This elliptical is built really well. The full steel frame is powder coated for added durability.


  • Unbeatable user weight capacity – 400 lbs
  • Heavy flywheel for more fluid movement – 27 lbs
  • Large stride length – 20 inches
  • Simple user interface has a short learning curve and is easy to operate for users who are uncomfortable on smart devices or tablets.
  • 20 levels of incline


  • Limited versatility
  • Limited onboard workout options
  • Underwhelming companion app “Sole Fitness”

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The Bowflex Max Trainer M6

The Bowflex Max Trainer M6 works on a flywheel operated drive system like the standard elliptical to provide an impact-free cardio workout that mimics walking, running, and stair stepping. With multiple resistance levels and a shorter stride length, the Max Trainer M6 provides brief but brutal low-impact cardio workouts.

Why The M6 Is A Great Purchase

The M6 is has a tiny footprint, fitting neatly into small spaces. While the range of motion and use is limited, the use you get out of a Max Trainer from Bowflex is efficient and effective. You can burn a good amount of calories performing light weight/resistance with high repetitions. The M6 has a companion app called “Max Intelligence” instead of providing onboard workouts. Videos in this app range from 12-15 minutes long. Access to the Max Intelligence video library costs an additional $14.99 per month.


  • 16 Resistance levels ranging from easy to extremely challenging
  • Very quiet while in use
  • Magnetic tablet holder holds devices very well
  • Moving and stationary handles offer more options
  • Easy to use
  • Provides quick and efficient workouts – great for busy schedules


  • Zero onboard workouts. Requires a monthly payment of $14.99 to access M6 compatible workout videos.
  • No incline options

Read our complete review of the Bowflex Max Trainer M6 here.

The NordicTrack FS9i FreeStrider

The FS9i is NordicTack’s high-end Freestride Trainer. This elliptical combines the fluid motion of an elliptical with the abilities of a stair stepper. By providing an unrestricted range of motion in the foot pedals, users can customize their own stride to target different muscle groups. The FS9i has a max stride length of 32 inches, allowing a wide range of users to fit comfortably on this elliptical.

Why The FS9i Is A Great Purchase

The Freestriders have a really large stride range of 32 inches. This is ideal for taller users and provides an opportunity for shorter users to isolate more muscle groups when controlling their stride length. The FS9i’s large stride length can be adjusted to meet any length or height of stride from a wide run to a short but steep stepping motion. As you adjust your stride, the Freestrider intuitively follows suit.

The FS9i comes with an excellent display screen. It’s a 10-inch high definition touch screen that’s very responsive. The display gives you access to the iFit Coach library, providing you with endless options for your elliptical workout. You can follow along with the personal trainer in front of you as they lead a studio elliptical class, watch trainer-led videos that run/hike/walk through beautiful landscapes all over the world, or work out in manual mode with a full display of all your workout data.

The FS9i Freestrider from NordicTrack also comes with a handful of accessories that make working out on the FS9i more comfortable and enjoyable. The built-in console fans add a good amount of breeze to cool your body temp. The speakers are reliably loud when you need them to be. And the Bluetooth iFit chest strap HR monitor connects effortlessly to your FS9i and mobile device.


  • Heavy 20 pound flywheel makes for very fluid motion
  • Versatile stride ranges from a gliding run to a steep stair climber
  • Longest max stride length of 32”
  • Impressive max weight capacity of 375 lbs
  • Center drive makes it easier to mount and more stable during use
  • 26 resistance levels
  • iFit Coach access, 12 months free with purchase of FS9i
  • 38+ onboard workouts without the use of an iFit Coach subscription
  • Chest strap HR monitor included with purchase
  • Incline range of -10% to 10% can be adjusted digitally without interrupting your workout.
  • Incline and resistance adjust automatically according to the video you’re following
  • Free delivery and lengthy warranty coverage


  • Self-assembly is somewhat tricky (but do-able). Hand-tighten bolts first. Then tighten with wrench once bolts are in place. This will help to avoid any issues with misaligned threading.
  • Moving handles only – no stationary handles available

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The ProForm SMART Endurance 920E Elliptical

The 920E elliptical from ProForm is an inexpensive way to get your hands on a reliable and fun home elliptical. The front drive assembly is easy to mount and offers a comfortable elliptical for performing low impact cardio.

Why The 920E Is A Great Purchase

The 920E has moving and stationary handles for more convenience. The console’s cooling fans make exercising more comfortable as it lowers your body temp. It also has built-in speakers that can project audio from your mobile device or display screen.

The 920E has a reasonable max weight capacity of 325 pounds and an impressively heavy flywheel coming in at 25 pounds. This heavy of a flywheel is unusual at this price point but lends a lot of confidence in the 920E’s reliability and longevity.

The ProForm SMART Endurance 920E elliptical has a handful of useful accessories including large foot pedals that fit up to a men’s size 12 comfortably. It can be paired with a number of chest strap HR monitors.

You can also access the iFit Coach program through your 920E elliptical’s console that’s really a game-changer for home fitness. Learn more about iFit Coach and all that you can do with it here.


  • 7 inch HD touchscreen is very responsive and shows excellent video quality
  • Access to iFit Library with 32+ onboard workouts
  • Free 12-month subscription to iFit Coach with purchase of 920E
  • Front drive assembly is easy to mount
  • Moving and stationary handle bars
  • Heavy 25 pound flywheel provides more stability and fluid motion
  • 24 resistance levels and 0-20 degree adjustable incline offer a challenge for a wide range of athletic abilities
  • 0-20 degrees of incline can be adjusted digitally, without interrupting your workout


  • Limited 19 inch stride length is not recommended for tall users with long natural stride
  • Low-mounted water bottle holders

Read our complete review of the ProForm SMART Endurance 920E elliptical here.

The NordicTrack Commercial 14.9 Elliptical

The Commercial 14.9 elliptical by NordicTrack is a front drive home elliptical with a narrow footprint and comfortable assembly. It has extra wide foot pedals, moving and stationary handles, a large display screen, and added features and accessories that lend to the comfort of the user.

Why The Commercial 14.9 Is A Great Purchase

The Commercial 14.9 is a well built and comfortable elliptical. The front-drive makes mounting the foot pedals easy and the large flywheel makes for an incredibly sturdy and fluid elliptical machine. In fact, the Commercial 14.9 has one of the heaviest flywheels available in today’s home ellipticals. This is often a great indication for longevity and durability.

The 10 inch HD touchscreen is highly responsive. It’s a clear, vivid display of the onboard workout videos and all that you can access via iFit Coach. Without an iFit Coach subscription, the 14.9 elliptical has 35+ onboard workouts. Additionally, you get a 12 month subscription free with your purchase of the Commercial 14.9.


  • A whopping 32 pound flywheel, much larger than most home ellipticals
  • Front drive assembly makes this an easy elliptical to climb onto
  • Incredible user interface and simple to use
  • Onboard workouts provide a large scope of use for this elliptical
  • 350 pound max user weight capacity
  • Built in fans and Bluetooth audio speakers
  • Moving and stationary handles
  • 0-20 degrees of incline can be adjusted digitally without interrupting your workout


  • Low-mounted water bottle holder is awkward to use
  • Limited stride length (17”-19”)

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The Sole E95S Elliptical

The E95S is a heavy duty home elliptical by SOLE. It’s 30 pound flywheel and full steel frame can support users up to 400 pounds. While it’s user interface and console are seemingly outdated, the E95S uses a system that is familiar to most people making it a simple machine to figure out and start using right away.

Why The E95S Is A Great Purchase

The E95S is a large, powerful, and sturdy home elliptical. The stride length can adjust between 18 to 24 inches which is not common among home ellipticals. This stride variation provides comfortable, low-impact running for users of varying heights. It also has a heavier flywheel (30 pounds) that lends to more fluid foot pedal movement.

The E95S is equipped with a very simple user interface. The 10.1” LCD display shows you a basic read out of exercise data and provides access to the 10 standard onboard workouts. For anyone looking for a home elliptical that’s similar to what you’ve used at your local gym, the E95S is a great option.

You’ll find a handful of convenient accessories in the E95S as well including console-mounted fans (not impressive), Bluetooth audio speakers, a chest strap HR monitor, a USB charging port, and a tablet holder.


  • Adjustable stride (18-24 inches) is a large range
  • Heavy 30 pound flywheel lends to the E95S elliptical’s stability and durability
  • Basic user interface is very familiar and easy to use
  • Lengthy warranty coverage
  • Impressive user weight capacity of 400 pounds
  • Large 15” pedals


  • The companion app “Sole Fitness” is not very functional
  • Limited workout variety
  • Large footprint requires a lot of square footage
  • No incline option

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The Sole E55 Elliptical

The Sole E55 is another heavy duty home elliptical capable of supporting up to 375 pounds. The front drive makes mounting the foot pedals easier and the heavy 20 pound flywheel supplies a fluid stride. The E55, like most Sole products, has a simple user interface that most are familiar with, eliminating any learning curves.

Why The E55 Is A Great Purchase

The E55 from Sole has a handful of added features including a built-in fan, water bottle holder, an audio plug, and built-in speakers for listening to music from your mobile device. The Sole E55 has a large, 9-inch display screen. The LCD display provides access to 10 standard workout programs. You have the option of using either the mobile or stationary handlebars. The max stride length is 20 inches making this a suitable elliptical for taller users.

The E55 has multiple resistance and incline levels, all of which can be changed using digital controls on the console and handlebars. The large 15” foot pedals are adjustable to make your elliptical workout more natural feeling and comfortable. The E55 also comes with a chest strap heart rate monitor that’s incredibly reliable and easy to use. No programming or set up is necessary to use the chest strap. Once you’re wearing it and begin your workout, the E55 console will give you a readout of your current and average heart rate.


  • Heavy 20 pound flywheel
  • Higher max user weight (375 lbs)
  • Simple user interface is easy to navigate
  • Large 20” stride and foot pedals are great for taller users
  • Simple convenience including built-in fans, speakers, water bottle holder, and audio plug
  • Lengthy warranty
  • Reliable manufacturer


  • “Sole Fitness”, the free companion app for the E55 is very underwhelming
  • This is a limited use elliptical

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Best Budget Ellipticals (under $1000)

We’re including our top recommended “budget ellipticals” because we know that sometimes you just need a more affordable option. Our top budget ellipticals were chosen based on reliability, brand reputation, warranty coverage, and available perks! Take a look.

The NordicTrack Spacesaver SE7i

The Spacesaver SE7i is a popular home elliptical, known for its reliability but more so — this elliptical shines with its ability to FOLD. Yes, a folding home elliptical. It’s got all the bells and whistles you could hope for with the added bonus of being able to fold in half and roll into a closet for storing.

Why The SE7i Is A Great Purchase

The major feature of the SE7i that gets us most excited is its space-saving ability. This home elliptical folds nearly in half, making it easy to put away, out of site, when it’s not being used. This is an ideal feature for small spaces. When you think “folding elliptical”, something cheap and flimsy might come to mind. But not the SE7i. This elliptical is sturdy and reliable, it even comes with a handful of stand-out accessories that make is a fun elliptical to use at home.

The SE7i has impressive fans that put out a great breeze. The console also has built-in speakers from which you can project music from your mobile device. With only a 5” backlist LCD display, the user interface is very simple to navigate. The SE7i has 24 onboard workouts but also pairs via Bluetooth to access the iFit Coach library. When you buy the SE7i, you get a free 12 month subscription to try iFit Coach. The elliptical can then view different studio style classes, one-on-one personal training from iFit Coach trainers, and more through a mobile device.

This folding elliptical still offers 8 levels of incline that can be changed with the touch of a button. This adds more resistance to the already 22 existing resistance levels. With its 18 pound flywheel, the SE7i can support up to 325 pounds.


  • Folds in half – easy to move and store
  • 18 pound flywheel
  • 325 max user weight capacity
  • 24 onboard workouts + iFit Coach access
  • Larger adjustable foot pedals
  • Sturdy while in use
  • Moving and stationary handles
  • Narrow footprint


  • Rear drive ellipticals have more equipment to climb over. This can sometimes be harder for someone with balance issues.

The Bowflex Max Trainer M3

The Bowflex Max Trainer series focuses on three things: high-intensity, low-impact, and short workouts. The Max trainers are ideal for users who want something small, effective, and time efficient. The Max Trainer M3 is a low-budget option that’s incredibly impressive.

Why The Max M3 Is A Great Purchase

The M3 has a very small footprint and takes up very little floor space. It’s just over 2 feet wide and just under 4 feet long. It takes up half the space of the average home treadmill or elliptical. This is a no-fuss kind of cardio machine. It offers high-intensity workouts with the traditional glide and low-impact affect of home ellipticals.

The foot pedals use resistance like an air bike with a fan but instead of sitting on a bike seat, you’re standing like you would on a stair climber or elliptical. The M3 focuses on quick, high-intensity workouts (HIIT/Tabata). The Max interval program is adjustable and you can customize your interval settings (time and intensity).


  • Smaller footprint (2’1” x 3’10”)
  • 8 resistance levels
  • Incredibly inexpensive
  • Very simple to use
  • Time efficient cardio
  • Low-impact/High-intensity
  • Moving handles and foot pedals create a workout for the entire body


  • Only 2 workout programs (max interval and manual) add little variety to your workouts
  • Low max user weight capacity (300 lbs)
  • Display is not backlit, can be difficult to read
  • No heart rate monitor

Read our complete review of the Bowflex Max Trainer M3 here.

The ProForm SMART HIIT Trainer

The ProForm SMART HIIT Trainer is another time efficient, high-intensity, low-impact home cardio machine. Similar to the elliptical, the HIIT Trainer uses a heavy flywheel to smoothly move large foot pedals as you stride. It has moving and stationary handles to activate the upper body. The ProForm SMART HIIT Trainer lets you glide like an elliptical with the stride of a stair stepper.

Why The ProForm SMART HIIT Trainer Is A Great Purchase

The ProForm SMART HIIT Trainer pro has 32 built-in workouts so you can have variety in your workout. Additionally, the SMART HIIT Trainer connects to iFit Coach which gives you access to endless workout videos that are engaging and entertaining. iFIt Coach has studio-style HIIT Trainer classes, virtual walking and running videos that take you around the world, and also a wide selection of floor workouts for cross-training and yoga.

The HIIT Trainer focuses on short workouts. Each of the built-in workouts use time effectively to get the most out of your workout. With moving handles and foot pedals, you can engage the entire body. The stride length is only 5 inches horizontal and 10 inches vertically, making your movements more similar to a stair climber.


  • Takes up half the space of a traditional elliptical
  • Access to trainer-led workouts on iFit Coach (12 month subscription included with purchase)
  • Tablet holder
  • Simple 7” LCD display
  • Intuitive user interface and controls
  • Heavy 28 pound flywheel
  • 24 resistance levels
  • Built-in fans add more comfort
  • 350 pound user weight capacity


  • Large, visually cumbersome equipment

Read our complete review of the ProForm SMART HIIT Trainer here.

The ProForm Endurance 520E Elliptical

The ProForm Endurance 520E elliptical is a stander home elliptical with a minimal price tag. For under $1000 this elliptical has a wide incline range, decent max user weight capacity, and a few added extras like built-in fans, speakers, and convenient digital controls.

Why The 520E Is A Great Purchase

The 520E is loaded with entertaining and engaging workouts when you access iFit Coach. Through your mobile device, you can connect your elliptical with iFit Coach and following along with one of their many workout videos. These workouts include studio elliptical classes, virtual runs and hiking through foreign destinations, Google maps tools, and more.

This home elliptical, while wildly inexpensive, is still built with an impressive incline range and 18 digital resistance levels. The 15 pound flywheel is capable of supporting a max user weight of 300 pounds with a fluid stride. Water bottle holders, built-in fans and speakers, moving and stationary hands, and large foot pedals add to the comfort of this home elliptical. It provides a max 19” stride length to fit a wide range of users.


  • Large incline range (20 degrees) can be adjusted via the console without interrupting your workout
  • 18 on-board workouts + iFit Coach accessibility
  • 19” adjustable stride length
  • Tablet holder
  • Built-in speakers


  • Lightweight flywheel and lower weight capacity doesn’t lend any confidence to durability.

Read more about ProForm Ellipticals here.

The Horizon EX59 Elliptical

The EX59 is a great option for a budget friendly home elliptical. The simple user interface provides a good amount of workout data and the assembly is minimal. This elliptical connects to media via Bluetooth so you can stream your audio through the built-in console speakers.

Why The EX59 Is A Great Purchase

Considering the price point of the EX59, we expect it to be a step down compared to our favorite home ellipticals. But there are still an excellent assembly of features that make this inexpensive cardio machine worth considering. Users can stream audio from a mobile device through the console’s built-in Bluetooth speakers and watch their favorite shows or workout subscriptions while using the EX59.

The foot pedal positioning is comfortable with a very natural stride. With only a 10” step up height, the EX59 may be easier to mount than most home ellipticals that typically have a 14”+ step up height. Moving and stationary handles give the user more convenient options for steadying themselves or including their upper body in their workouts.


  • Includes tablet holder and USB charging port
  • Simple assembly
  • Traditional elliptical display is familiar to most users
  • Lower step up height than most home ellipticals (10”)
  • 10 levels of resistance
  • Includes built-in speakers and water bottle holder
  • 4.5” backlit LCD display


  • Lightweight flywheel (14.3 lbs)
  • Narrow max stride length (18”) may be unsuitable for taller users
  • Limited warranty
  • No buddy apps available

The NordicTrack C 9.5 Elliptical

The C 9.5 Elliptical from NordicTrack is the baseline standard for home ellipticals. It comes with a wide range of adjustments for your comfort. It’s also packed with features than add to a more convenient and engaging workout experience.

Why The C 9.5 Is A Great Purchase

We regularly see the C 9.5 elliptical priced under $1000 and compared to most budget home ellipticals, this one is a step above them all. The C 9.5 is built well with a heavy flywheel that can comfortably accommodate a max user weight of 350 pounds. With the heavy 25 pound flywheel and the solid front-drive construction, movement on the C 9.5 is fluid and remarkably low-impact. This is a very comfortable elliptical, especially when you consider its low price point.

The C 9.5 not only is built to last, but it’s also not skimping on accessories. The 7” HD touchscreen display is responsive and provides excellent video quality. Access to the iFit Coach library gives the user endless variety for home workout videos. Not only do you get hundred of elliptical-friendly workouts through iFit Coach, but you can also view cross-training and other floor exercises like yoga with your iFit Coach subscription. The subscription comes free with your C 9.5 purchase for 12 months.

The C 9.5 elliptical also comes with fans and speakers built into the console. Quick select controls make adjusting the fans, volume, resistance, and incline easy. Moving and stationary handles allow you to change up your positioning and add more or less movement from the upper body.


  • Excellent entertainment features including iFit Coach access, Bluetooth speakers, and cooling fans
  • Water bottle and tablet holders are built-in
  • Heavy 25 pound flywheel
  • Impressive 350 pound weight capacity
  • Front drive system
  • Moving and stationary handles
  • Large adjustable foot pedals
  • 24 resistance levels a 20% incline max
  • 19” adjustable stride
  • 7” HD touchscreen display


  • At this price point, you get more bang for your buck. We’re finding it pretty hard to point out any flaws in the C 9.5.

Read our complete review of the NordicTrack C 9.5 elliptical here.

The Cubii Under The Desk Elliptical

The Cubii is a fun, inexpensive way to keep moving while you’re stuck at your desk. This under-the-desk elliptical pairs with your mobile (apple or android) device for easy access to controls like resistance. It also pairs with fitbit devices to track your daily activity.

Why The Cubii Is A Great Purchase

For less than $400, you can bring your elliptical to work and check a few items off your to-do list at once. Cubii is promoted as “unconscious exercise”. It’s movement you can do while you’re working, apparently without even noticing. We put the Cubii to the test and while it’s hardly noticeable, it’s not quite “unconscious”. However, it turns out you can make a huge impact in your daily activity numbers by adding a small elliptical like the Cubii to your work ensemble.

By downloading the Cubii app, you can monitor your elliptical progress with your cell phone or tablet. The app allows you to customize goals, sends you personalized alerts, and monitors your Cubii activity. The Cubii is not only a good office fitness tool, but it’s also great for home use as well.

The Cubii subtly activates the abs, core muscles, hip flexors, glutes, quads, hamstrings, and calves. While the cubbi is relatively low-impact, we did experience some strain on the lower back after extended use. But this can be positively impacted by using a lower resistance setting.


  • Easy assembly
  • No affected by weight capacity since it doesn’t carry your full body weight
  • Great buddy app can control your Cubii and display speed, calories burned, time, stride, and distance.
  • Make goals and compete with friends in the app
  • Well built, quiet, and reliable
  • Easy to move
  • Non-slip foot pedals


  • Minimal use elliptical will make a much lesser impact on your overall health than a full sized elliptical

Read our complete review of the Cubii Under The Desk Elliptical here.

Our Process For Picking The Best Ellipticals

1: Doing Our Homework

When it comes to choosing the best elliptical on the market, we start by understanding our options. We look at top manufacturers, newcomers, commercial and residential models. We take a good hard look at what’s available, making lists of most popular, best selling, and more as we narrow down the ellipticals we are planning on buying to test and play with.

2: Making The Purchase

We buy every piece of equipment we test with our own hard-earned cash. This allows us to experience the same process you would when buying a home elliptical. We make our purchases online, directly from the manufacturer and avoid third party retailers. As we work with the company’s sales team and customer service, they are completely unaware of who we are as fitness equipment review site so we’re treated the same way you would be. We aren’t only interested in how the elliptical works — we want to know how the company treats their customers, if the returns are a pain in the butt, and if we can get professional help from the customer service team when we need it.

3: Shipping & Assembling

Most manufacturers offer free shipping which is what we usually choose when we buy a new elliptical. But we’re always sure to explore all of our options. We assemble the ellipticals ourselves to better understand that process and we include any concerns with shipping and assembly in our reviews.

4: Using The Elliptical

The elliptical gets a lot of regular love and attention, working into our daily workout routines so we get to know the equipment in and out. We’ll go through a number of onboard workouts, subscribe to and download any available subscription services or apps, and keep track of our workout data and progress. We pay attention to the workout we’re getting, the elliptical’s ease of use, noise output, and more.

5: Forming Opinions

All of our reviewers come together to form a final opinion and rate the elliptical based on the machine’s build quality, available features and accessories, and subscription service. We then give the elliptical a score for “Overall” and “Category. Keep reading to learn more about our rating system.

How Rates Home Ellipticals

We base our rating system on a few different metrics. Each elliptical is reviewed for its build quality, available features and accessories, and any subscription services or apps that pair with the equipment. We will also give an elliptical a 5-star rating for Overall (compared to every elliptical we’ve reviewed) and Category (compared to only other ellipticals in the same price category).

Rating The Build Quality Of An Elliptical

When you buy a home elliptical, you want to feel confident that it’s not going to break down quickly. That’s why we review each elliptical’s build quality. We’re checking for sturdiness, durable materials, and reliable drive systems.

Rating The Features & Accessories Of An Elliptical

Ellipticals consist of a drive system, foot pedals, handles, and a console. But some ellipticals take extra measures to include bonus features like speakers, heart rate monitors, fans, incline, added resistance, and more. As we review the features, we pay attention to any extras that come with the equipment. We’re also checking to see how well the features work and if they’re worth any added cost.

Rating Any Available Subscription Services For The Elliptical

Many newer models are now coming with a subscription service that gives you access to home fitness videos and other tools like apps, nutrition trackers, and more. At the very least, most equipment now comes with a free app. So we’ve added this to our checklist and we’re seeing how effective and useful these services are. Some services (like iFit) are completely transforming the way we exercise at home. While others are hugely underwhelming.

Why Do We Give A Rating For ‘Best in Category’ AND ‘Best Overall’?

No two shoppers are alike. Each customer will have a particular budget and preferences in mind when looking for a home elliptical. That’s why we break their ratings into two major categories – Best in Category and Best Overall.

Rating Ellipticals For ‘Best in Category’

A $2000 elliptical will reliably come with more bells and whistles than a $700 elliptical so it’s not very fair to compare the two together. We compare ellipticals against others in the same price range for more fair comparisons. This is especially helpful when your budget is limited and your focus in on a certain price range. If your cap is at $1200, you can take a look at our $1000-$1500 category to see which ellipticals are your best options for $1200. Here’s how we break down our pricing categories:

  • Under $700
  • $700-$1000
  • $1000-$1500
  • $1500-$2000
  • $2000-$2500
  • $2500+

Occasionally you’ll see an elliptical on our site in one category only to find the manufacturer’s website has a different price listed for the same equipment. This can happen for a number of reasons.

  • New Products
  • Updated Models
  • Holiday Sales events
  • Limited Stock

We keep these fluctuations in mind and do our best to categorize an elliptical in the price range for which we most often see it listed as on the manufacturer’s website.

Rating Ellipticals for ‘Best Overall’

To give you a list of Best Ellipticals available, we focus more on the versatility, durability, AND affordability of an elliptical. As we look for ellipticals that stand out against the rest, we’re also making sure that the available features and accessories included with that elliptical justify whatever it’s price tag may be.

Considerations Before Buying A Home Elliptical

You’ll want to answer these important questions before you buy a home elliptical. This will help you to really narrow down your options, eliminating equipment that doesn’t meet your needs, and focusing on models that are practical options.

Who will be using the elliptical?
Where in your home will this elliptical be stored?
What features are available on today’s ellipticals and which features are important to you?
Will the elliptical last as long as you expect it to?

Elliptical Drive Positions – What’s The Difference?

Center Drive Ellipticals – a pair of drive axles sits on either side of the machine.
Center drive ellipticals provide the most natural stride position because the feet are able to be closer together in your stride. Center drive ellipticals tend to also have a smaller footprint, taking up less space in your home.

  • Most stable elliptical
  • Most natural stride position
  • Easiest to mount and dismount

Front Drive Ellipticals – the axle and flywheel are in front. This style more closely resembles walking or jogging. These ellipticals can be easier to get on and off because you’re stepping over less machinery.

Rear Drive Ellipticals – the axle is behind the user. Movement on a rear-drive elliptical feels closer to a stair stepper motion. Many people claim that they lean forward more on a rear-drive elliptical than a front-drive elliptical. The foot pedals tend to be higher off the ground and harder to get onto.

Still Have Questions?

Making a confident home elliptical purchase is tricky. There are so many out there with a wide variety of features and prices. If you’re still having a hard time choosing an elliptical for yourself, drop us a line! Leave any questions you might have in the comments and we’ll do our best to point you in the right direction.