Nordictrack Commercial 2450 Treadmill Review – 2019

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Updated: 1/30/2019

The NordicTrack 2450 is a step up from the NordicTrack 1750 - which is currently one of the best selling treadmills in production. With the increase in price, NordicTrack gives you a more capable motor, added entertainment features, and really engaging workout programs. This treadmill is great for walkers and runners alike with its durable build and powerful motor and provides major entertainment factors, which is why we give it 5 stars. Learn more by reading the NordicTrack Commercial 2450 treadmill review.


The NordicTrack 2450 sells for about $2000.

The NordicTrack 2450 Is Built For Users who:

  • Run extensively or even those who regularly walk.
  • Rely on data tracking for goal setting.
  • Are just starting their fitness journey or simply need help staying motivated during their workout.
  • Want a folding treadmill.

Why The Commercial 2450 Was Rated A “Best Buy” For 2019

The NordicTrack 2450 is a great treadmill. We have very little complaints about it which is why it has earned a 5-star review and is a “Best Buy”. As far as a treadmill goes, this is a very good one. If you’re in the $2000 range and want a treadmill for walking, running, and athletic training, this is a great option. The NordicTrack 1750 has many similarities to the 2450, but with the increased cost, you get an improved user interface, a larger tablet, even better pre-installed workout programs, and a stronger motor.

  • Strong, quality build and foldable.
  • Packed full of entertainment and fitness motivation features.
  • Offers an excellent warranty.

Main Specs - 9/10

Specs “Quick Review”:
  • Motor Size: 4.0 CHP
  • Running Area: 22” x 60”
  • Weight Capacity: 300 lbs
  • Folding: Yes; EasyLift™ Assist
  • Footprint In Use (W,L,H): 38” x 77” x 63"
  • Footprint Folded (W,L,H): 34” x 42” x 71”
  • Incline Range: -3% to 15%
  • Max Speed: 12 mph
  • Treadmill Best For: All users; Walkers, joggers, runners, intense running/training
  • Electrical Requirements: 120-volt circuit, capable of 15 amps or more.

Motor Size - The 2450 has a 4.0 CHP motor which is on the higher end of treadmill motor power - we like this. A stronger motor is going to take a better beating. Many treadmills you’d find at your local gym use a commercial model with a 4 HP or CHP motor. But you’d have to spend nearly $5k for one of those. So if you plan on using the NordicTrack 2450 treadmill daily, for extended periods of time, for years and years, go right ahead.

Running Surface - The running surface is what you would expect from a treadmill! It’s nice and grippy, stays on the roller, and there are no thunking sounds when the belt is running. The size is on the larger side for a treadmill belt at 22” wide and 60” long.

Weight Capacity - Users are limited to a max of 300 pounds on this treadmill. If you’re close to, or over this weight limit, then a different treadmill would be a better option. In the $2000 range of treadmills, the Pro 9000 and F85 have a 400 lb weight limit.

Folding - The 2450 is a folding treadmill. NordicTrack treadmills all use their Spacesaver™ Design which is a hydraulic system that does about 80% of the work for you when raising and lowering the treadmill deck. Really, anyone could raise and lower this treadmill. It doesn’t take much strength. The instruction manual recommends that a user must be able to comfortably lift 45 pounds before attempting to fold and move the treadmill around.

2450 Treadmill Folded Back View 2450 Folded Side View 2450 Hydraulic Foot Release Space / Footprint - This footprint is a tiny bit large when compared to other machines but nothing out of the ordinary. Machines this capable are usually stationary, non-folding, and heavy. But with one or two people, you can move this treadmill around easily.

Noise Level - To start our test, we measured the rooms current volume which came to an average of 54.9 dB.

2450 Treadmill noise level compared to the roomThen we measured the noise output from the 2450 at 1 mph, 6 mph, and 12 mph hour with the fans at full blast. You’ll see the outcome below.

NordicTrack Commercial 2450 Treadmill Review -  Treadmill Noise at 1 MPH Commercial 2450 Treadmill Noise at 6 MPH 2450 Treadmill noise level at 12 MPHThe fans actually contribute a bit more to the noise compared to other treadmills. On the plus side, the fans put out a really good amount of wind whereas most other treadmill fans DO NOT.

Lastly, the controls on the console all make a beeping sound when pushed. Their noise level reaches approximately 58.7 dB.

2450 Treadmill button beep noise levelMax Speed - The 2450’s max speed is 12 mph. This is the standard max speed for most treadmills. Nothing in this price range will exceed 12 mph.

Incline - With a range of -3% to 15%, the 2450 offers a wider incline range than most of the treadmills in this price range.

NordicTrack Commercial 2450 -3% Decline Commercial 2450 Treadmill 15% Incline
2450 Treadmill Speed and Incline Button AdjustmentsElectrical Requirements: This treadmill requires a nominal 120-volt circuit capable of carrying 15 or more amps.

The instructions manual for the 2450 recommends the use of a surge protector with your treadmill as it can be damaged by surges in electricity. It states “Use only a surge suppressor that is UL 1449 listed as a transient voltage surge suppressor (TVSS). The surge suppressor must have a UL suppressed voltage rating of 400 volts or less and a minimum surge dissipation of 450 joules. The surge suppressor must also be electrically rated for 120 volts AC and 15 amps.“

Features - 10/10

NordicTrack is the king of added features. They offer the best entertainment options, available programs, and data tracking available - hands down - and the 2450 is no exception.

Features “Quick Review”
  • Display: 10” HD Touchscreen
  • PreInstalled Workout Apps: 40
  • Speakers: yes; Two 3” speakers
  • Fans: yes; 3 fans in two locations; auto adjusting
  • Heart Rate Monitoring: EKG grip pulse + bluetooth chest strap
  • USB port: yes
  • Audio Jack: yes
  • Water bottle cubbies: 4 cubbies
  • Device holder: Removable tablet holder and accessory tray
  • Cushioning - Runners Flex™ Cushioning; adjustable (2 settings)

Workout Apps - I’m not sure what NordicTrack means when they state the 2450 has “40 onboard workout apps”. They’re underselling themselves here. If you consider every possible variation of a workout on the 2450, you’re getting more like 67 different pre-installed workout options:

  • Red Rock Series - 20 different workouts running you through intervals around beautiful red rock scenery in Southern Utah with NordicTrack pro trainers.
  • Google Maps - 10 runs from around the world.
  • Intervals - 10 variations
  • Incline Training - 10 variations
  • Calorie Burn - 5 variations
  • Speed Training - 10 variations
  • Manual Setting
  • One Free iFit Video Run Trial

The workouts on this treadmill blow every other treadmill in this category out of the water. They are really engaging, eliminating the boredom that tends to accompany treadmill running and therefore the desire to quit.

It’s important to stress that all of this is available without a subscription to iFit; however, should you choose to utilize iFit, you’ll find yourself with countless options when it comes to workout programs, encouragement, motivation, data tracking, and more. NordicTrack treadmills are great all on their own but iFit integration makes their product unmatchable to competitors.

Data Tracking While Workout Is In Progress
2450 Work Out In Progress Data Collection 2450 Work Out In Progress Data Chart - Track View

Data Display For Workout Summary
2450 Data Display For Workout Summary 2450 Work Out In Progress 400 m track progression

Home Screen - iFit Options
2450 Treadmill Home Screen - iFit Options
Home Screen Without iFit Options (Workout Library)
2450 Treadmill Workout Home Screen Without iFit options
Most Popular Workout Videos
2450 iFit Most Popular Runs
Red Rock Series Workout Videos
2450 iFit Red Rock Series Runs
Google Maps Runs (without iFit subscription)
2450 iFit Free Maps
Interval Training
2450 Interval Training Programs
Incline Training
2450 Incline Training Programs
Calorie Burn Targeted Training
2450 Calorie Burn Training Programs
Speed Training
2450 Speed Training Programs
With an iFit subscription, you can create your own route on Google Maps. As you progress through the run, your treadmill automatically adjusts the incline to match the natural terrain of your route.

2450 Draw Your Google Own Map Training Route
Display - The NordicTrack 2450 comes with a pivoting 10” HD touchscreen. It’s very responsive to your touch, easy to navigate, user-friendly, and bright. The ability to pivot the screen is great because you can eliminate glare when needed or adjust the view for varying heights of different users.

2450 Rotating Display 2450 Rotating Display (2)

Speakers - There are 2 speakers, each 3” in diameter. They put out more than enough sound that is clear and crisp. Volume controls for the speakers are clearly visible on the console. You can see them in the image below.

Fans - Hallelujah for NordicTrack’s fans! So many treadmill companies include a fan in their machine that is a total waste of production cost. The 2450 has three fans total and 4 settings for these fans. They do not pivot, which many other treadmill fans seem to do, but they put out a very efficient gust of wind. If zero pivot equals more power, we’ll take it!

This is a big deal because you get hot, sweaty, and pretty uncomfortable as you’re working out which can be a big contributor to calling-it-quits too soon. You will not have that problem with this treadmill. The fans are a lifesaver when your heart rate is consistently raised and you’re dripping embarrassing amounts of sweat from all parts of your body. The controls for the fans are also easy to spot on the lower part of the console. You can see them in the image below.

2450 Treadmill Fan and Volume ControlsHeart Rate Monitoring - NordicTrack does a great job with their heart rate monitoring. Where some machines might lag a bit at the beginning of your workout, the NordicTrack chest straps give a very accurate read from the second you put them on. This is a must for accurate data tracking. The 2450 also comes with heart rate sensors in their handrails but these are becoming more obsolete as the chest straps are so much more accurate.

Cushioning - The deck can be set to two different cushion settings: road and soft. This is done using the handle show below. The cushioning is slightly more comfortable than the road setting which will benefit anyone in need of extra support. If you want a treadmill with a lot of cushion, this might not be the right machine for you.

2450 Cushion OFFOther Tech Features
  • iFit compatible
  • input/output audio plugs
  • Usb port

Just like every other NordicTrack treadmill, the 2450 has an impressive set of tech features which is why they tend to always outrank their competitors. Though other treadmills in this price range come with impressive motors, decent warranties, and other similar features, the 2450’s entertainment and training components offer an engaging and inspiring workout every time.

Build Quality - 9/10

NordicTrack 2450 Review: Build Quality
  • Warranties - Lifetime warranty for frame and motor, 5-year warranty for parts, and 2 year warranty for labor.
  • Belt - Non-stretch 2-ply commercial belt
  • Roller Size - 2.5” each
  • Customer Support - You can call and speak with NordicTrack’s customer support at 1-800-862-3348 or use their instant chat feature on their website for simple assistance.
  • Return Policy - If you’re unsatisfied with your treadmill, you can return it within 30 days of purchase for a full refund. You have to disassemble the treadmill, put it back into the box and set it outside for pick up. NordicTrack (unless your product is defective) will not pay for the shipping fees of a returned product.

The NordicTrack 2450 is built very well. The assembly requires two people but is not complicated and comes with detailed instructions. The treadmill is sturdy and you’ll notice very little movement from the console while running even at high speeds. The frame, deck, and motor have lifetime warranties which is a good indication of NordicTrack’s confidence in their treadmill’s build.

Bottom Line Review Of The NordicTrack 2450

With all things considered, the NordicTrack 2450 is one heck of a treadmill. You cannot go wrong with this purchase. The programs offered, the data tracking, the iFit integration, the reliable build, the stronger motor, and the user friendly console make for a very good product. Some might argue that NordicTrack’s incline trainers are a better purchase for their incline/decline capabilities, but there is a pretty good argument for the 2450’s workout programs. This is a great treadmill for every user.

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