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Horizon T101

Rating: 3 3 Reviewed by TreadmillReviews.com The Horizon T101 is an entry machine. It's made for budget families that want a treadmill for light jogging and gentle walking. It is not meant for high pressure running and abuse. For an entry level Horizon this is one of the most impressed we've seen. The simple, lightweight, elegant design is perfect for those who want an inexpensive treadmill that will last them. It's meant for light runners. A great effort on Horizon's part, the price is great for what's in it. Horizon specializes in its ability to bring you a decent treadmill for an incredibly small price. The Horizon T101 uses a 2.25 HP motor, which is fairly good for its price. A simple rule to follow when looking to buy a treadmill based on motor power is this: a 2.0 motor is good for walking, a 2.5 motor is good for jogging, and a 3.0 and higher motor is good for running. This means that the T101 should mostly be used for walking and light jogging. A good thing about having a smaller treadmill motor is that the noise level from powering the machine is usually low and runs pretty quiet. The features help make this more enticing as well. The fold up design is convenient, the 20 inch wide by 55 inch long belt is roomy. 30 programs is plenty for most people to rotate through for endless variety. The music port and built in speakers keep you entertained while you run. The perfectflex Cushioning keeps your joints from aching, and the 3 led windows help keep you on top of your progress. All this for $599 is going to be very difficult to find elsewhere. The T101 is the cheapest model from Horizon. The next step up from the T101 is the Horizon T202. The T202 is $200 more dollars and has a 2.50 HP motor with more workout programs, higher incline levels, and a higher weight capacity. The Horizon T203 is the high end model and it does make some better improvements, but ends up costing quite a bit more. The T203 uses a 2.75 HP motor, has an upgraded 20" x 60" running belt, has a higher weight capacity, has more programs, and uses a better cushioning for its deck. Conclusion The 2.25 HP motor is a pretty good deal and it has a lifetime warranty on it so you are getting a really good deal for your money. If you are looking for a cheap treadmill without a lot of bells and whistles the T101 can be a good treadmill for you. In all our treadmill reviews Horizon has some of the best under $800 treadmills.