10 Exercise Mistakes that Cause Anxiety

exercise anxietyOne of the main things that can keep you from keeping a good workout is a sense of anxiety or stress. When you are relaxed and you can just allow yourself to enjoy your exercise, you will burn more calories, feel better when you are done, and work out on a consistent basis. You need to eliminate anxiety whenever you can so that you will see these results. Below are ten mistakes that often cause anxiety, so you should avoid these things whenever possible.

1. Putting It Off Until the Last Minute

If you know that your workout plan will take an hour and you wait to start until you only have fifty minutes available, you are going to be stressed the whole time, trying to push yourself through the entire session.

2. Worrying about Incomplete Workouts

Another thing to remember is that a half-hour workout is better than none at all. Even if you are used to hour-long sessions, do not be afraid to cut the time in half if there is no way around it.

3. Weighing Yourself Too Often

If you weigh yourself after every trip to the gym, you can create stress because your weight is not going to drop overnight. You will feel like your plan is failing when it is not.

4. Not Weigh Yourself at All

On the other hand, though, you do need to keep track of your progress. A two-pound drop can be inspiring, even though you are not going to see the difference unless you are on the scale.

5. Comparing Yourself to Professionals

One mistake that a lot of people make is comparing themselves to professional athletes. These people work out for a living, so you cannot expect to be like them.

6. Trying to Do Too Much

Do not try to cram too many exercises into the day. Concentrate on one part of your body each day.

7. Stressing Over Sick Days

If you are sick and you cannot workout, do not worry about it. Just rest up, get better, and get back in the gym when you can.

8. Setting Unrealistic Goals

Do not assume that you will run a sub-five mile after just a week of running. Always set goals that are realistic.

9. Not Eating Right

A poor diet can ruin a workout and cause stress by washing out the results of the exercise.

10. Watching the Clock

Some days, it is just going to take a bit longer to finish the exercise program, and that is fine.

If you avoid the mistakes listed above, it can revolutionize the way that you approach the gym. You will be more productive, getting into better shape in less time. You will also find that you actually enjoy exercise again, something that may have been missing from your life.

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