120 Hour Treadmill Relay

treadmill relay runEver heard of a treadmill relay? I believe Relay is a foreign treadmill brand but that’s not what we’re talking about here. A treadmill relay is where a group of people get together and run for a certain amount of time on a treadmill. It is much like a regular running relay but with a treadmill. One (or a few) people run on a treadmill for a little while, then when they get tired, another person will hop on and take their place. Most the time they set a goal for 24 hours (like this group) or somewhere around there and run for that long.

Well, 9 students from Universiti Teknologi Mara (UiTM) are setting out to beat the 72 hour treadmill relay record with a 120 hour relay with 5 treadmills all going at once! This means 5 out of the 9 will be running while the other 4 rest.

120 hours divided 9 ways comes to almost 13.5 hours of runner per person. That is a lot of treadmill running! Let’s hope they have the right people for the task, as well as a few decent treadmills that can handle 120 hours of full power. I can’t really tell, but the treadmill shown in the image above looks like the LifeFitness Club Series which would be a good choice. That treadmill is commonly found in many fitness clubs and gyms.

Treadmill relays are a good way to get people together and to get some exercise. Whether you’re doing it to be a record or to raise cancer awareness, you can have a lot of fun with an organized treadmill relay.

120 hours is a bit long, but 24 hours is reasonable if you’ve got a small group of 5 or 6. Of course, if you are a bunch of serious runners, raise the bar and shoot for the gold! I’m anxious to see if those varsity students end up beating the 72 hour record.

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