4 Reasons To Run On A Treadmill This Summer

Spring is upon us and with it comes pleasant weather and the natural increase of runners and other pedestrians outside. You can’t blame them really. This past winter was exceptionally harsh and with all the storms behind us it’s nice to finally get outside and get some fresh air.

But before you start getting ready for your marathon or 5k, you might want to consider throwing some treadmill workouts into your exercise routine. If you don’t have a treadmill there are plenty of affordable machines from reputable brands like NordicTrack or Sole. Plus if you dig around there are all sorts of treadmill coupons so you shouldn’t have an excuse.

But why run on a treadmill when the weather outside is so nice? Here are four reasons you may want to run on a treadmill this summer instead of the open road.

1. It is much safer to run indoors

Since 2004 there have been over 40 fatalities of runners being hit by cars. The danger or road running have been highlighted plenty of times. A few years ago there was a Runner’s World article about road running safety that I would urge any outdoor runner to read right now.

But the number of fatalities doesn’t even consider how many more injuries there have been. Pedestrians are hit by cars every day. Sure you can minimize the risk, but the risk is always there. The only way to injure yourself indoors on a treadmill is if the machine malfunctions or if you don’t use it properly. At any rate, the risk of injury, especially fatal injury, is much lower on a treadmill than on the road.

2. The risk of stress fractures is cut in half

Treadmills are built with cushioned decks that absorb impact so your joints don’t have to. The road has no such cushioning and you receive the full impact of running when you are outdoors. By running on a treadmill you can reduce the risk of stress fractures by up to 50% according to LiveStrong.

3. Run in any weather

If you live in an area that has hot summers, running outside can be uncomfortable or inconvenient. Maybe you have to get up early to beat the heat. Maybe you have to stay up later than you would like. That is why weather is one of many good reasons to run on a treadmill. Regardless of the weather, you can still workout at any time of the day.

4. Wear anything you want

If you run at night you have probably dealt with reflective clothing. But when running on a treadmill you can wear anything (or nothing) you want to. You simply don’t have to worry about random passersby while in the comfort of your own home.

Plus, have you ever tried running with water? Use one of those fanny packs or wrist straps so you didn’t have to clutch your water bottle the whole time? No worries if you are running on a treadmill. Simply set your water bottle into the cup holder and it stays there the whole time.

If you really want to recreate the outdoor experience you can open some windows and turn on the fan on your machine too. So don’t feel like you have to run outside just because the weather is good. There are plenty of reasons to use the treadmill too. Just be sure you are always getting the most out of your treadmill workout. Personally I would recommend mixing it up and running both indoors and outdoors, but that is ultimately up to you.

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