Top Ten Benefits of Running

Nordictrack gives the Top Ten Benefits of Running in the following infographic.

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Nordictrack Infographic - December

10 Benefits of Running

  1. Overall mental health – your body releases endorphins which makes you feel more happy.
  2. Lessen effects of asthma – helps strengthen lungs and bronchi.
  3. Helps prevent high blood pressure – your arteries expand and contract while running, helping the arteries to stay fit, which then helps to maintain healthy blood pressure.
  4. Strong immune system – if you are a runner, you suffer less from minor illness.
  5. Weight loss – you burn 705 to 865 calories per hour. Fat moving up and down helps break down fat.
  6. Physical Strength – running builds lower body strength in additional to strengthening your tendons and ligaments.
  7. Increase bone density – your body sends essential minerals to bones to strengthen them when stressed. As running stresses your bones, these additional minerals help to increase your bone density over time.
  8. Joint strength and stability – by increasing the strength of your ligaments and tendons you increase joint strength and reduce injuries to your ankles, knees, and hips.
  9. Personal control – running increases confidence which gives you greater control over your life.
  10. Reduce effects of diabetes – helps reduce diabetic resistance to insulin and maintain a healthy blood sugar level.
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