Best Treadmills for 1000 Dollars

1000 dollars seems to be a pretty common price budget for people looking for a treadmill. You know you get what you pay for when it comes to buying a treadmill so you think 1000 bucks is a lot but it’s not overkill.

To be completely honest, you are not going to find very reliable treadmills in the 1000 dollar price range. Treadmills are tricky machines because they rely on both mechanical operations and physical. You need a treadmill that has a console that is not going to goof up. When you push on the incline or speed increase button, you want it to react. Some treadmills for under 2500 dollars are cheaply made and are going to quit responding when you push buttons.

And think about it, when you use a treadmill you are literally beating on it for 15-60 minutes straight. You wouldn’t run on your cell phone, would you? A good treadmill can handle a 200+ pound person jumping on it day after day.

So be wary of 1000 dollar treadmills. I’ve comprised my best picks below to help you sift through the garbage. Before you run off to Wal Mart to buy a machine you plan on beating into the ground, read through my recommendations below:

For those of you that can’t view the powerpoint above for some reason, here are my recommendations:

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Treadmill Review Guru is an expert on all things related to treadmills and running. He is a former cross country runner and soccer player and hopes to soon be able to run a marathon. He loves training on his treadmill whenever he gets the chance. Check out his recommendations and see what he thinks are the best treadmills.