Closeout Sale on NordicTrack A2550 Pro Treadmill

nordictrack a2550 proGet it while you still can! If you’re looking to save some money on a NordicTrack treadmill, the A2550 Pro is a good choice. This treadmill has entered closeout which means they’ve stopped making more and the price has dropped possibly as far as it ever will. Right now it’s sitting at $799 which is a steal.

Here’s a quick review of the NordicTrack A2550 Pro:

I would recommend this machine to anyone. Its very well made and it gives me alot of room to advance expecially with the IFIT option. Be aware though this machine is very heavy and it took myself, my husband and the delivery driver to get it in the house and upstairs where it needed to go. Its about 250lbs so make sure you have help with it in the time of delivery. It took my husband and I about 3 hours to unpack and put what needed together. It has very clear instructions and the assembly went smooth.

Treadmill Senei’s At-A-Glance of the A2550 Pro:

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