Do Sole Treadmills Have the Best Cushioning?

most cushioned treadmillsWe all know the importance of a well cushioned treadmill. Treadmills can be hard on the joints so a little cushioning could go a long ways. After a few miles, you learn to appreciate any cushion your treadmill has to offer.

A recent thread on Runner’s World has the community deciding between the NordicTrack 1750 and Sole F80 or the Sole F85 for cushioning.

The general census is that Sole is the better choice than NordicTrack when it comes to cushioning. Though neither are fantastic choices because they both have poor customer service, Sole wins over NordicTrack for cushioning any day.

I have found one user review saying the Sole F80 is “cushioned well.”

“The running surface is excellent, my wife is the main user and she has put more than 5 miles a day on this machine at more than 7 miles an hour for 45 days so this thing is getting some great use. The running surface is cushioned well as advertised.”

Spririt treadmills are also known to be well cushioned, so don’t stop at Sole.

The most cushioned treadmills are, of course, Anti Gravity treadmills by Alter G but those are 30,000-100,000 dollars a piece so they’re kind of in their own category, I would say.

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