Exercising During the Second Trimester of Pregnancy

We are doing a 3 part guide of tips on how to exercise while pregnant. Each part will encompass one trimester. This is the second guide in the series, the ultimate guide for exercising during the second trimester of pregnancy. Make sure to check out the first trimester infographic here, and stay tuned for the final part!

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second trimester exercise guide

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The Ultimate Guide for Exercising During Pregnancy – the second trimester

Month Four

If you live in a safe and quiet neighborhood, cycling can be a good option, but don’t attempt this in areas with lots of traffic or rough roads.

An exercise bike can help you to get this workout without the hazards of biking on the road.

Tip: At this point in your pregnancy, it’s a good idea to stop lying on your back. Your growing uterus can start to push down on some of your major blood vessels, rescricting your blood flow. To avoid this, stay away from any stretches and exercises that require you to lay flat, and try to stop sleeping on your back as well.

Month Five

Swimming is a great activity to enjoy during any part of your pregnancy, and as your belly grows, you may find it to be the only comfortable method of exercise. Just make sure that you aren’t excessively holding your breath, and that you use plenty of sunscreen to avoid painful burns.

Tip: Stay hydrated. A pregnant woman should drink between 2 and 3 liters of fluid every day, and needs an extra cup for each hour of exercise performed. Try to avoid caffeine, and definitely don’t drink any alcohol!

Month Six

Kegals are exercises that strengthen your pelvic floor, so it is important for pregnant women to add kegals to their daily routine in order to improve your labor and delivery experience.

Just tighten your pelvic floor muscles and hold for as long as you can for each repetition.

By doing 15-20 reps a couple of times per day, you’ll be in good shape and ready to push your little one out!

Tip: As your belly grows, you will find yourself off balance at times. Make sure that you avoid situations where you could easily fall and injure yourself. Wearing high heels may become dangerous, and so can other daily activities. Use extra caution as your belly gets bigger.