Exercising During the Third Trimester of Pregnancy

We are doing a 3 part guide of tips on how to exercise while pregnant. Each part encompasses one trimester. This is the third and final guide in the series, the ultimate guide for exercising during the third trimester of pregnancy. Make sure to check out the first trimester infographic here, and the second trimester infographic here!

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third trimester exercise guide

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The Ultimate Guide for Exercising During Pregnancy – the third trimester

Month Seven

Light weightlifting can help to strengthen your arm muscles – and you’ll need some muscles after your little one arrives!

Don’t do bench pressing, or anything else that would require for you to lay on your back. Only lift 1/2 of what you would normally, and make sure to have a spotter at all times.

Tip: Wear a bra with good support to avoid injuring your tender and growing breasts. You will definitely need to go bra shopping during your pregnancy, so make sure to pick up some good sports bras in your new size, and use them while you work out.

Month Eight

You may not feel like taking a jog at this point, but a little prenatal yoga can work wonders. Try signing up for a class, or buy a dvd so that you can do it at home.

Not only will your circulation benefit, but you will be more relaxed, which can help to prepare you for the upcoming delivery.

Tip: Eat a snack or meal at least an hour before exercising to avoid a drop in blood sugar. After you are finished exercising, eat again (even just a small snack) within an hour of finishing your workout.

Month Nine

Deep breathing is very important throughout pregnancy, and especially as your due date approaches. If you are able, breathe in through your nose, and out through your mouth while placing your hands on your stomach to make sure that it is being pushed out with every breath.

When you aren’t breathing deep enough, your lungs may expand but your stomach won’t move.

Tip: By combining different types of exercise throughout your pregnancy, you can keep your body healthy. You are more likely to have an easier delivery and recovery if you keep up on your fitness needs.