FDA Provides 6 Tips to Avoid Weight Loss Scams

Blank Pill Bottle

Ever wonder if a weight loss program or pill is too good to be true? Be careful! It just might be. There are millions of people out there who are trying to get money in any way they can, even if it involves hurting people or scamming them! Read on to learn how you can protect yourself from these awful scams.

Tip 1: Don’t believe any of the testimonials!

Anyone can slap a label on a pill bottle with all sorts of lies. Make sure you avoid things that say “I lost 50 pounds in 50 days!” or something like that. Be smart, do some supplement research online and even call for more information before you put any of that crap in your body.

Tip 2: Stay away of anything that says “One Pill Does it All”

According to Boston.com, “The FDA recently sent U.S. marshals into a New York firm that claimed that their product could cure everything from dementia to prostate cancer. The marshals seized the products to protect the public”

If you do decide to take a pill, make sure it is made in America. In other countries, it is still legal to sell tapeworm pills for weight loss. You’ll eat and eat and eat, but never gain any weight. This can be life threatening. Other pills are less-dangerous and just don’t do anything.

Tip 3: Just because the FDA or government tries to get rid of it, doesn’t mean it’s a conspiracy!

Honestly, can you imagine if we didn’t have the FDA? I’m sure if they don’t want it to be available to the public, it’s probably for a dang good reason.

Tip 4: If it says “Quick Fix”, it usually isn’t

It’s the oldest rule in the book: “If it’s too good to be true, it probably isn’t.”

Tip 5: Don’t listen to anything that says “Miracle” or “Curing”

Most of the time, the only miraculous part of the product is the fact that it doesn’t kill you after you take it! Don’t even bother researching a product like this, stay far, far away from it!

Tip 6: Be wary of “All Natural” products

People can put anything they want on their labels. Sometimes, there are even prescription drug chemicals found in supplements. Honestly, I’m afraid to even look at the ingredients on the back of supplement bottles. Even though they probably aren’t true, I wonder what they actually put in those things. I saw a supplement the other day that said “Sheep Placenta” on the back of it! YUCK!

I know you may feel like you are at the end of your rope and you can’t find any way to lose weight quickly. But guess what? Easy come, easy go! Losing weight takes time and A LOT of hard work. Find a weight-loss program that works for you that won’t hurt you or your wallet.