How to Run Correctly

how to run properlyLearning how to run competitively or as a form of exercise to keep fit is not difficult. While most people will be able to run, actually undertaking this activity can be quite taxing on a beginner. It will take you a few weeks to get into the habit of running on a schedule and a few more weeks or months to build up endurance. Once you have perfected your running form your fitness levels and general health will noticeably improve.

Required Tools

  • Comfortable and Appropriate Sneakers
  • Treadmill
  • Area to run


Choose the Right Running Shoes

You need to get the right running shoes for added support and comfort. The right shoe will help mold your running form and will also prevent injury. The sneaker may be slightly costly depending on the brand name and the specific features. Prolonged running can cause stress on the soles of your feet, therefore, the right running shoes will help prevent this.

Here’s a graphic describing how to choose the best running shoe:

Running Shoes Infographic: How to Choose the Best Running Shoes

Credit to REI Running Shoes

Have a Physical Done

Especially if you are over the age of forty. It is important that you make certain that you will be able to fulfill the demands of this activity. Running can be stressful on the heart and therefore a person with any underlying heart conditions should avoid excessive exercise.

Warm Up Properly

When you are ready to begin your routine be sure you warm up properly. This includes doing a few basic pre-run stretches to get your muscles and joints ready for this activity. Also you should start off doing a bit of walking for at least 5 minutes as part of your warm up.

Here are some Pre-Run Poses for Better Running:

pre run stretches

Begin Running

Now you are ready to run. Begin by jogging and walking interchangeably. This means jogging or running slowly for a minute or two and then walking for three minutes in between. Do this repetition at least 3 times on your first attempt at running.

Mind Your Posture

It’s important to have a good posture while you run. Be mindful of where your head is at in relation to your chest and shoulders. Good posture will keep you from being a victim of the many common running injuries that befall so many runners.

Here is a graphic that shows you how to run properly in relation to posture:

Credit to Super Skinny Me

Gradually over time you will need to change the time you spend jogging and running. This means you will jog for 3 minutes the following week and walk for two minutes at each interval.

As you progress you will stop jogging and start running with fewer minutes of walking in between. At no point will you stop walking for short intervals however the ratio between walking and running will skew in favor of longer periods of running. By the time you get fit enough you will be running for 11 minutes and walking for one minute per set.

You should try to do at least four sessions per week as this will bring you closer to improving your fitness levels. Over time you may even increase your running time and speed, however do not push yourself too hard and try not to do more than 5 sessions in any given week.

Optional: Use a Treadmill

You may also opt to use your treadmill if you have one. This method may be easier especially if you do not live in an area that has enough running space. In addition you will be able to time yourself and change the incline of the treadmill to simulate hill running, which will work your muscles further. If you are looking to get a treadmill, the best place to start is our Best Treadmills page.

Cool Down

Once you are done running you will need to finish with by doing a few cool-down stretches. This should take you no more than three minutes and should stretch your leg muscles adequately.

Tips and Warning

Focus on your breathing while running. If you feel constantly out of breath and you find that you cannot speak while running, then you are perhaps over-exerting yourself. To perfect the art of breathing while running speak or sing while you run.

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