iConcept and the Pafers App

bladez fitness and pafers appLooks like Bladez Fitness has teamed up with Pafers Mobile Technology to bring Apple products and fitness equipment together in one sleek and seamless move.

Exercise bikes, treadmills, and ellipticals are being made with a dock that fits your iPad or other iDevice to your exercise machine so you can have do all the things you love to do on your tablet like watching movies or reading a book all while you exercise.

Here’s a snippet of what Bladez Fitness says about this technology:

Watch a movie, read a book, check your email, or update your status. Now, you can even share your workout data with your friends online — it’s all possible with i.Concept. The display console provides power to fully charge docked devices, and of course — the high-performance equipment is fully functional with or without a docked device.

i.Concept launches with a nine dynamic pieces of interactive fitness equipment in the Bladez branded Synapse family; six ellipticals, two upright bikes and recumbent bike, in the second quarter and treadmills in the fourth quarter.

Sound familiar? It’s a lot like iFit Live which comes stocked on a lot of the newer treadmills like the NordicTrack Incline Trainers. It offers about the same thing as this iConcept program except with iConcept you can run it all from your tablet and it’s not built right in to the treadmill.

Watch the video below for more information:

This is really pretty awesome. I don’t know a whole lot about Bladez Fitness. From what I can tell, they only have one treadmill offered in the U.S. and that’s the Freespirit T1200 Treadmill which I don’t have a review for at the moment.

Would you pay for a treadmill that has a built in dock for your iPad? Or is it just as worth it to jimmy some way to get your iPad to rest on your treadmill’s already-built-in dock? Seems like most treadmills could hold an iPad without much problem already.

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