LifeSpan Customer Support Rocks

I’ve been saying for a long time now that LifeSpan not only makes great treadmills but they have the best customer support out there.

One of the biggest problems with buying and maintaining a treadmill is the horrible customer service you get from the manufacturer’s and third parties. I posted a while back about a guy that emailed me about Horizon’s terrible customer service and how that is all too common in this industry. The problem probably lies with ICON Fitness since they control most of the major brands like NordicTrack, ProForm, and Horizon.

But the manufacturer’s are not the only problem. Apparently Sears has terrible customer service as well putting some people through a nightmare just to get a treadmill delivered.

Somehow LifeSpan has been able to keep their reputation for excellent customer service. A topic on a Runner’s World Forum says the following about LifeSpan:

This morning my LifeSpan Pro3 lost it’s way and went to full incline, threw up a E7 error message, and shut down. Power resets did not help. After calling my retailer, Leisure Fitness, LifeSpan Customer Support rep Jeff calle me back a few hours later and walked me through re-calibration instructions to clear the problem. Problem resolved in a few hours…now that is what I call service! Thanks LifeSpan!

Good customer service really says a lot about a company, especially treadmill companies. Treadmills are complex machines that are going to run into a few problems here and there and those problems can be a treacherous if you don’t have a helpful customer service representative on the other end of the phone.

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