Mail From A Concerned Reader

Every so often people contact me to give me feedback about the website. Most emails I get are questions about machines or requests to publish guest posts. But every so often someone just has something to share about my reviews or site in general. Someone who called himself “ya Right” had something very insightful to share.

This is the message he sent me: “I see you have no life fitness on your site. Couldn’t secure a kick back to sell them? Typical crap site you have! JUST to make money. BAD BAD! YOU SUCK!”

That was the whole thing. To this mentally incapacitated individual, let me respond to your criticism. First, you can see in the sidebar on the right that I review machines from many brands. In fact, under “More Treadmill Brands” you can see I even have them in alphabetical order, making it quite easy to find the brand you are looking for. Between Landice and Pacemaster you will see LifeFitness.

I have reviewed eight of their treadmills and they are all of very high quality though grossly over priced. The only people who should be buying them are gym owners with needs for commercial grade machines. Since 99 out of 100 people who read my reviews probably don’t fit that description, I don’t recommend them because there are other brands (who give me kickbacks, ha) that make good machines for a fraction of the price, such as NordicTrack or Sole.

I actually don’t get a kickback to sell anything. I get a commission from only a few of the manufacturers if you buy from them after clicking my link. In fact, only 10 out of 35 brands have an affiliate program, so most of what I review comes kickback free. But I review them anyway.

This makes me a typical crap site? Have you seen or other review sites? How many brands do they review? Coincidentally, right around 10…all of which have affiliate programs.

Do you send equally incoherent feedback to the likes of Amazon and Overstock? After all, they have websites that provide goods and services…JUST to make money! The nerve! Why would someone go out of their way to spend hours each week to try and get paid for a valuable service they are providing? I’m sure we’re all going to hell for it, aren’t we?

Anyway, to whoever you are, congratulations on your brilliant display of stupidity. Try a real name or real email address next time.