“Merry Christmas, Honey!” How To Tastefully Gift Your Spouse a Treadmill This Christmas

It can be touchy to give someone a fitness-related gift, let alone an investment like a treadmill. But here at Treadmill Reviews, we want to help you navigate these tricky waters so you can provide your loved one with the gift of fitness.

Gift The Treadmill With A Promise

To keep the treadmill from feeling like a pointed gift, you can attach a promise to work out together on the treadmill. Writing up a workout schedule or a mutual exercise contract can help your spouse feel less like the treadmill is an attack and more of a sweet thing that can be used by both of you.

You can even set up workout date coupons and attach them to the treadmill, making it more of a fun present.

Reference Their Desire For Greater Fitness

It’s pretty likely that your spouse is going to ask you why you bought them a treadmill. As this question is often loaded with the potential for going very wrong, make sure you have a few examples of what made you think a treadmill is a good gift. Some reasons may be:

  • Since your spouse has been talking about wanting to become more fit, you thought a treadmill would help.
  • You know that your spouse is busy and you wanted to make good workouts more available for them.
  • Your spouse has been talking about wanting to buy a treadmill for winter exercise.

Invite Your Spouse To Help Choose The Treadmill

If your spouse has been wanting a treadmill, it may best to include them in the purchasing process, since they may have researched which particular one they want. So, instead of having them unwrap a huge treadmill box, you can just write a nice card to stash under the Christmas tree.

Express Your Love With The Gift

More than any other tip we can give, make sure that you express your love with the gift of a treadmill. A good way to express this is by talking about how the greater health and fitness which can be unlocked with a treadmill will allow you two to spend more happy, healthy years together and go on adventures well into your golden years.

So, whether you express this by card, face-to-face, or other methods, just make sure that your love for your spouse is the central message of your gift.

If you haven’t quite decided on which treadmill you want to gift your spouse, you may want to check out the best treadmills of 2018. That way, you can easily narrow down your treadmill search and find the best treadmill for your partner.