NordicTrack Elite 12.0 Elliptical Review

I know I’m the treadmill review guru but I can’t hold this review back, I’m sorry.

Why do I like this elliptical so much?

I’ll tell ya. The NordicTrack Elite 12.0 is a killer elliptical for 3 reasons:

1. Adjustable Stride

The stride on this elliptical can go from 20 inches (which is great for short to average people) to 22 inches which is a necessity for you giants with long legs. Most ellipticals have a standard stride between 18 and 20 inches. A other NordicTrack elliptcals like the AudioStrider 990 Pro but that’s whole other ball game. The 990 pro is like 300 dollars more than the Elite 12.0 so I wouldn’t even go there.

Which brings me to my next point..
nordictrack elite 12.0 review

2. Fair Price

I’ll admit, NordicTrack gets a little funky with their prices sometimes. Don’t EVER buy a NordicTrack machine when it is first released because they will cut the price in half six months later. Obviously, I exaggerate but that’s not too far off. And even when they do slap it with a Sale Price (which never seems to go away), the price is still a bit high on some machines. Granted, their products do get cooler and cooler every year but you never really know what to think about their prices.

You can even save 60 more dollars with this coupon for the NordicTrack 12.0 Elliptical. Can’t beat that!

Not Too Fancy

The Elite 12.0 on the other hand, has been fair from the beginning. First of all, it’s a basic machine. It doesn’t come stocked with iFit Live (which, in some people’s opinion, is a bit over-rated and over-priced anyway) so you’re not paying extra to workout with Jillian Michaels.


And, it’s made of some serious quality stuff which is invaluable. Too many machines these days fall apart within a year. You can bet the Elite 12.0 is going to last you a very long time because it was built to last. For this reason, the E 12.0 is a great price because you won’t be replacing it anytime soon.

3. Decline

Finally, I like the Elite 12.0 because of the -10 degree decline. Again, this is a feature you will find on other [more expensive] machines like the AudioStrider 990 Pro but you don’t pay through the teeth for it on the Elite 12.0.

This is such a great feature because you can target areas of your legs that you couldn’t normally. It’s amazing. You have to try it to understand, really.

Overall, it’s a great machine. I would recommend the Elite 12.0 Elliptical to anyone. I’m not endorsed by NordicTrack to recommend this elliptical, I just wanted to give it a special shout out because it is a winner in my book.

Do you use an elliptical? What kind is it and how do you like it?

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