Should You Buy A Used Treadmill?

Should You Buy A Used Treadmill -

When you are on the hunt for the best treadmill to help you reach your health and fitness goals, it can seem like a used treadmill it the way to go. However, like with all used machines, buying a used treadmill may not be the money-saving move you hoped it would be.

To help you determine if you should buy a used or new treadmill, your treadmill review experts are here to assist you in weighing the pros and cons so that you can make an informed decision.

Potential Advantages Of Buying A Used Treadmill

Obviously, one of the biggest advantages of buying a used treadmill is the lower price than a brand-new treadmill. While sometimes you will come across someone selling a treadmill at barely lower than its original price, that isn’t the norm. You can even find high-end treadmills that normally cost thousands of dollar listed for prices below $1,000. Some treadmill brands you can more reliably count on to have quality treadmills that would be worth buying used are ones like NordicTrack, SOLE, and ProForm.

These kinds of deals are especially good if the treadmill has been gently used. Some people overestimate how much they will use a premier treadmill and end up regretting the expensive purchase, leaving you to buy a like-new treadmill for a fraction of the price the original buyer paid.

It is also a more eco-friendly practice to buy a used treadmill. Rather than have a treadmill end up in a landfill where it can’t biodegrade, you can bring it into your home.

Consider Used Treadmill Drawbacks

The main benefit of buying a used treadmill is the more affordable price point. But there are potential drawbacks to buying a used treadmill that you consider before you commit to a used treadmill purchase.

Maybe In Worse Condition

Unless you have a lot of experience with many types of treadmills, it can be tough to accurately assess whether or not the used treadmill you are considering is worth buying.

For instance, say you take a treadmill home, and you start on a 12-week half-marathon treadmill training plan. If the treadmill was in worse condition than you and the seller knew, you may be faced with a surprise during your training as the treadmill gives out under regular use. This failure may be as simple as the motor dying or as scary as the belt ripping while you are running.

So, while you may be able to initially save money on a used treadmill, you don’t want to make up that cost difference with a trip to the emergency room when that treadmill breaks down unexpectedly.

No Warranty Coverage

Some companies who sell used treadmills will offer warranties through their business. Unless this is how you buy your used treadmill, you likely will not have any warranty coverage.

A private seller who tells you that their treadmill comes with a warranty likely misunderstands how their warranty works. Most major treadmill manufacturers will only honor a warranty if you are the original owner. So, unless a seller can prove that their warranty is transferrable, you should go into used treadmill buying knowing that your treadmill won’t have coverage.

Too Old For Repairs

If you are pretty handy with tools and feel like you can repair any problem with your used treadmill, you may run into another hurdle—the used treadmill may have no available repair parts.

Like with car parts, the older the treadmill, the less likely that you will be able to find replacement parts for your treadmill. And if you don’t find the right parts, we don’t recommend jerry-rigging similar parts, and that raises the likelihood that something will go very wrong.

Can Be Tough To Transport

Moving a fully assembled treadmill and transporting to your home is not an easy task. Even budget treadmills can be unwieldy, and we don’t recommend buying used budget treadmills, as they are more likely to breakdown.

If you are hoping to buy a used treadmill online and having it shipped to your house, we do not recommend this route. Buying a used treadmill that you haven’t seen in-person is very risky, as thorough cleaning and well-angled photos can hide a host of defects.

You also won’t be able to see if there is any damage to the motor or hear if there are any strange sounds being made by the treadmill. So, if you are set on buying a used treadmill, it better be one you can look at and hopefully run on a bit before buying.

When Should You Consider Buying A New Treadmill

Should these considerations have made you re-think your decision to buy a used treadmill, here are some reasons why you may want a new treadmill instead.

  • If one or more people are dedicated users – If you are a dedicated treadmill user, you should invest in your workouts by purchasing a new treadmill. Much like how you wouldn’t buy a pair of used running shoes, buying a used treadmill that you are going to pound on a near-daily basis is a bad idea. Also, if there other people in your household who will also be using the treadmill, buying new is the way to go.
  • When you want the latest tech and connectivity – If you are hoping to connect your health fitness apps and enjoy engaging tech like Bluetooth speakers, touchscreens, and more, then you want to buy a new treadmill. Generally, only the newest treadmills have this tech, and if you are looking for a used one with these features, it may be priced pretty close to a new one, without the benefit of a warranty.
  • To enjoy good warranty coverage – Clearly, one of the significant benefits of buying a new treadmill is the assurance from the manufacturer warranty. Treadmills from manufacturers like NordicTrack and ProForm almost always have lifetime frame warranties and good coverage for parts and labor, so you can use your treadmill with confidence.
  • More treadmills to choose from – It may sound a little funny, but when you are looking at used treadmills, you are restricted to the treadmills that are listed. By opting to buy a new treadmill, you have so many more options to make an informed choice rather than settling for the best of the used machines you could find.

For extra help in finding a new treadmill or a high-quality used treadmill, check out our treadmill buying guide. It provides in-depth advice on treadmill buying, from setting your budget to what you should expect from treadmills in a certain price range, which can help you make a good choice when it comes to your new treadmill.