The Get Up & Move Blogger Award

There is a lot of crap online. You know it, I know it. Every other website you find in Google is just a bunch of garbage advice littered with ads to try and make a buck. It’s shameful and ridiculous. In an effort to help promote those bloggers out there who are actually trying to share genuine, real advice, I have created the Get Up & Move Blogger Award.

It’s pretty simple really. I’m going to create a list below of bloggers who promote active living and share worthwhile information, tips and advice. Whether they talk about running on a treadmill, swimming in a pool, lifting weights at the gym or any other form of exercise, as long as their goal is to help you get up and move, they are good in my book.

So I will create a list of blogs that are legit, give real, accurate information and all of that below. I will constantly be adding to this list of course, and I am sure there will be other websites that I don’t include that are deserving to be on this list. If you are a blogger and think you should be on my list, or follow a blog that you think should be on my list, please, contact me and let me know.

If your site is on this list, feel free to let the world know by displaying the badge below. Simply copy and paste the HTML code that appears in the box under the badge to make it appear on your blog. If it gives you any trouble let me know and I can help you get it posted.

Get Up & Move Blogger Award By Treadmill Review Guru

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The following list is of the bloggers who have won this award:


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Treadmill Review Guru is an expert on all things related to treadmills and running. He is a former cross country runner and soccer player and hopes to soon be able to run a marathon. He loves training on his treadmill whenever he gets the chance. Check out his recommendations and see what he thinks are the best treadmills.