Treadmill Climbing Wall

treadmill climbing wallsRaise your hand if you like to go rock climbing? Rock Climbing has actually become a very popular sport across the world. Soon rock climbing will be included in the Olympics, or is it already?

If you’re a huge rock climbing fan or want to give it a try, there’s these cool treadmill climbing walls called Treadwalls (also known as rotating walls) that are like indoor rock climbing walls but act more like a treadmill in that you never actually climb very high, the wall just moves so you get the same feel as indoor rock climbing without ever getting way up there.

What’s the Thrill of Treadwalls?

Some might say that treadwalls take the fun out of rock climbing because being way up high is the funnest part. For some, that might be true. But a lot of people rock climb for different reasons, not just to test their fear of heights.

Benefits of Treadwalls

  • You can have your very own rock climbing wall in your very own home. Regular indoor rock climbing walls are huge; way too big to fit in your extra bedroom. But Treadwalls are small, measuring at only 6 feet wide and 10-12 feet high. They still require a fairly high ceiling so you probably won’t be able to get one into an apartment. For apartment exercise equipment, you might want to check out the most quietest treadmills.
  • Great for Kids. You might want to get your child into rock climbing but they are often intimidated by heights. Treadwalls eliminate that fear so it’s fun for the whole family.
  • Handicap Friendly. If you are missing an arm or a leg or just need a bit of a boost while you rock climb, treadwalls make it easy to setup a support so you can rock climb to the best of your ability and have fun while you do it!
  • Get Awesome Workouts. This is an obvious benefit of rock climbing in general but it should be noted that rotating treadmill walls are worthy candidates for treadmill and elliptical alternatives. Not fond of traditional exercise equipment like exercise bikes, treadmills, and ellipticals? Break the norm with a treadwall!

I’ve never actually seen a treadwall in person so I can’t give a great review of them. Maybe someday I will have the awesome pleasure of giving one a try. I’ve never been much of a rock climber but it looks like fun and a treadwall looks like a fun way to exercise that exciting hobby.

I think the amazing technology of treadmills has brought about some crazy cool inventions. From underwater treadmills and zero gravity treadmills to dog treadmills and incline trainers.

Treadmills come in many shapes and sizes and it is fun to see what they will come up with next.

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