Treadmill Workouts

To get the most out of your treadmill you want to get involved in some pre-defined workouts that are going to help you achieve specific goals. The treadmill can be an instrument of success if used correctly. If you are using a treadmill to train for a marathon, you will want that treadmill to have both incline and decline capabilities to help you get the full effect. Outside runners deal with headwind, hills, and other factors that are hard to get out of your typical treadmill which is why some people don’t like to run on treadmills. But, if you’ve got incline and decline, you can train yourself to do well when it’s time to run outside. The treadmill is a fantastic training device.

Treadmill Hill Training

This first workout comes from WebMD and is supposed to help you with climbing hills. Typically, when you’re doing hill training on a treadmill you’re not going to get into real high speeds. You’re going to stay between 3 and 6.0 MPH but will get up to 15% incline if your treadmill will allow it.

treadmill hill workout

If you really want to get serious about incline training, check out the NordicTrack X9i. It can incline to a whopping 40%!!

Strictly Running

A lot of people will get on the treadmill, turn up the speed, and run until they can’t run anymore. While that’s all good and fine, it’s good to have an agenda or workout to go off of. The following workout routine also comes from WebMD and will help you increase your speed if you stick to it.

running treadmill workout

If you’re serious about speed and want a super fast treadmill you should check out Woodway Treadmills. They are expensive but they can zip!

Do those two treadmill workouts above a few times each week and you’ll see vast improvements in your running abilities.

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