Ways to Stay Motivated to Run on the Treadmill

In my last post I covered some reasons why not to run on a treadmill, so now I would like to devote this post to those that enjoy running on the treadmill but are looking for ways to keep themselves motivated.

Treadmill running can, at times, seem dull and boring. If you don’t have the proper motivation, your treadmill can quickly become a coat rack, gathering dust never to be used again.

So here are some ways to keep yourself from turning in the towel.

Browse the web while you walk

While many of the newer treadmills have wifi capabilities that allow you to watch videos, get on Facebook, and read the news, you might have an older treadmill and don’t want to buy a fancy new one.

If you have a laptop or a tablet, all you need to do is make or find a high table that goes over your treadmill so that you can set your laptop on it. The one pictured above comes from Lindsay at The Lean Green Bean blog. It’s an awesome idea and really isn’t too hard and doesn’t take up much more room than the treadmill already does! In her post about the laptop stand, Lindsay said, “I’ve never been so excited to wake up and walk!”

How awesome is that?

Watch a Movie

watch tv while on treadmill

I go to a gym that has a theater room for those that enjoy watching a movie while they use the elliptical, treadmill, exercise bike, etc. I am actually surprised at how popular the theater room is. My wife won’t exercise anywhere but the theater room. They keep it really dark and the screen is a pretty good size. Watching intense movies while you run can be a great way to keep you distracted and motivated to keep running.

Not all gyms have a full movie theater but most have the hanging TV’s positioned in front of the treadmills which can help keep you motivated as well.

If you’re working out at home, put your treadmill in your tv room or buy a cheap little tv to put in your exercise room. If you have something to watch while you run, you won’t focus so much on how tired you are and will be able to run for much longer.

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Listen to Music

listen to music while on treadmill motivation

Most people listen to music while they run. Is it as distracting as browsing the web or watching a movie? Depends on the song I guess. I have found that most people listen to music while they run, whether it’s on a treadmill or not. This is probably because most people don’t have enough room for a treadmill and a tv to be in the same room together, and don’t have the means of making a laptop stand either.

Music can be a great motivator. Not everyone likes the same kind of music, but everyone has a song that gets them pumped.

Bonus: If you have Spotify, here are 6 workout playlists worth giving a try.

Set Goals and Award Yourself

stay motivated to run treadmill

Be sure to set a goal before you even begin your workout on the treadmill. Treadmills make tracking your time and distance really easy with their digital display. Some treadmills will even tell you how many calories you have burned. So whether it be a goal of time, distance, or calories burned, be sure to set it.

If you reach your goal, reward yourself somehow. Maybe your reward is a new pair of running shoes or a new shirt that will show how much weight you’ve lost!

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