Is My Weight Loss Plan Effective and Healthy?

DietNowadays, it seems like there are new ways to be healthy every week. Whether it’s a new health study that was done, a new hit diet, or a crazy new workout routine, there are always new ideas being presented on how to take care of your body. This can be great for adding variety to your workout and giving you new ideas. However, some of these new techniques can be dangerous if you’re not careful, or they might just be ineffective.

The best way to sort out the lemons from the good health ideas is to compare the new ideas with the old, tried and tested facts that have already been established. Let’s tackle these basic truths one at a time.

First off, you need to eat your fruits and vegetables. Many “carb free” diets prohibit fruits, and that is not the way to lose weight in a healthy manner. If you want to try limiting your carbs, shoot for a low carb diet instead. Focus on complex carbohydrates, like whole grains. Make fruits your main source of energy. Stay away from simple carbohydrates, like white flour and sugar.

The basic principle to losing weight is to burn more energy than you eat. The best way to lose weight is to write down what you eat and make sure you exercise daily. However, there are certain nutrients that you need for digestion, and the absence of those nutrients can hinder your metabolism. If you struggle with consuming all the proper nutrients each day, a well-balanced multivitamin is recommended. Make sure it has about 75% of the daily recommended value for your body type. You don’t want too much of any nutrients or you’ll risk having too much, which can cause health problems in some cases.

Any diet that says you don’t need physical activity is far off the mark. You need exercise to tone and strengthen your muscles and burn energy. Even if you are just walking for 30 minutes each day, it’s better than nothing. I know one person who lost 82 pounds just from walking and eating right.

Always remember that everyone is different, which means a diet that worked for your neighbor won’t necessarily work for you. You are unique, and your optimum diet will be too.

If you aren’t sure whether a diet is safe or healthy, always compare it with the dietary guidelines established by the government. Their published guidelines have stood the test of time an they won’t lead you astray.