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Updated: March 29, 2024

I would consider myself a little biased in favor of belt drives. They are low maintenance, quieter, and smoother than chain drives, so I am excited that AssaultFitness is finally getting on board. The AssaultBike Pro X has a belt drive, and it is all the things I mentioned above. It was especially quiet for an air bike, though no air bike is going to be as stealthy as a magnetic resistance exercise bike. The AssaultBike Pro X performs well, and the flaws it does have are mostly inconsequential. So, in this review of the AssaultBike Pro X Air Bike, I will dive into all my pros and touch on those cons that seem a bit strange.

AssaultBike Pro X Air Bike Review 2024
The AssaultBike Pro X embraces the belt drive, a long-awaited air bike design from AssaultFitness.

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Who The AssaultBike Pro X Air Bike Is Best For:

  • Average Height Users: The AssaultBike Pro X did not live up to our expectations for users on either extreme of the height spectrum, but if you are around 5’2” to 6’2”, this bike works just fine.
  • Air Bikers in Need of Quiet: The Pro X could probably wake a sleeping baby, but you could hear music over it or have a conversation. For an air bike, it is pretty quiet.
  • AssaultFitness Fans Converting to Belt Drive: If you want to say goodbye to the rugged feel of a chain drive for the smooth simplicity of a belt drive, I don’t blame you.
  • Athletes: Air bikes deliver a wicked workout that can be grueling for beginners. If you want to work your upper and lower body simultaneously, the Pro X could be a good choice.

Pros And Cons Of The AssaultBike Pro X Air Bike


  • The Pro X uses a belt drive, AssaultFitness’s only bike to do so.
  • The transport wheels engage quickly to make moving the bike easy.
  • The fan does not provide too much resistance when first pedaling.
  • The seat is wide and soft.
  • The console is similar to those found on most AssaultFitness machines; it is easy to navigate and use.
  • The AssaultBike Pro X comes with a phone and water bottle holder.


  • The AssaultBike Pro X does not come with a wind screen.
  • The seat adjusts horizontally, but all of our testers regardless of height needed the seat as far from the handles as possible.

Air Bike Review Of The AssaultBike Pro X

Build Quality

Assault Bike Pro X Air Bike profile
The Pro X Air Bike has a sturdy steel construction covered by a black powder coat to combat corrosion.


The AssaultBike Pro X has a mostly steel construction, so it feels very heavy-duty and durable. The frame is not going to wobble much if at all while you are using it, which is a definite plus. The front and rear stabilizers are wide enough to provide the bike with excellent support. If you are a shorter user, you can even use the rear stabilizer to help yourself up onto the bike. Most of the metal is protected with a corrosion-resistance, black powder coating. There is white and red branding along the frame.

There are two transport wheels to assist you in moving the bike. These wheels engage quickly when you lift the bike with the rear stabilizer. Though the bike weighs 125 lbs, I had no issue moving it around. If you are comfortable lifting at least 50 lbs, you should not have any problem moving this bike.


The saddle is 10 inches long and 8 inches wide at its widest point. The padding is really soft, so it is friendly for new cyclists. I felt slightly more tilted forward than I prefer in a saddle, but this is mainly personal preference. I got used to it after a while.

The seat is adjustable vertically and horizontally. The seat post has 11 positions for adjusting the height. The distance from the pedal to the seat ranged from about 29 inches to 40 inches, so you have 11 inches of variability which line up with the position options. The height range isn’t as broad as we found the AssaultBike Elite to be. The Pro X should work just fine for users of average height, but very short or very tall users may not be as comfortable on this bike compared to other options.

The horizontal adjustment is where it gets strange. There are 6 horizontal positions for the seat, but all of our reviewers positioned the seat as far back as possible. It is hard to say who would need this horizontal adjustment. If anything, I would have preferred for the seat to have its furthest position as the closest and with the option to move it even further away. We were all comfortable with the same seat position, so we expect most users will be as well.

Assault Bike Pro X Air Bike Saddle
The seat is beginner-friendly with its soft padding to avoid saddle soreness.


The handles are rubberized, so you get a nice texture to keep your grip in place. The handles were a tiny bit big for my liking, though I have smaller hands. It didn’t hurt my ability to use the AssaultBike Pro X; I just caught myself switching to an open grip every so often. Most users should find the handlebars secure and comfortable.

Assault Bike Pro X Air Bike Moving Arms
The AssaultBike Pro X’s handlebars are a little big for my hands but have a nice range of motion.


The AssaultBike Pro X has flat pedals. These are spaced comfortably apart. I would say the Q-factor feels on the wider end of what is comfortable for most users. It is not as narrow as a studio bike or road bike might be, but it doesn’t feel uncomfortable to pedal.


As an air bike, the AssaultBike Pro X uses air to create variations in resistance. The harder you pedal, the harder the resistance will become, because there are fan blades that are creating wind resistance. The Pro X offers an intense workout, but it is more beginner friendly than many air bikes are.

Assault Bike Pro X Air Bike fan blades
The AssaultBike Pro X has more minimal fan blades for quieter but still powerful training.

Features & Accessories

The AssaultBike Pro X is not the most high-tech exercise bike. If that is something you are looking for, air bikes as a category may not be the right fit for you. The Pro X has most of the standard features and accessories found on an air bike with the very noticeable exception of a windscreen. AssaultFitness did such a great job with this bike, but I wish the Pro X came with a wind screen.

Console Overview

AssaultFitness has made their ideal console, and they are sticking to it. The Pro X has a console that will feel familiar to anyone who has used AssaultFitness’s cardio machines before. I like this console. It is easy to use with tactile buttons that are clearly labeled. There are buttons for each type of training program, functions for controlling the display, establishing a heart rate monitor connection, and controlling/selecting the programs. You also have the basic start and stop buttons, though the bike will start when you begin pedaling and pause after a period of inactivity.

Assault Bike Pro X console
The AssaultBike Pro X has a user-friendly console with training program options.


The AssaultBike Pro X uses a high-contrast LCD screen. It was easy for me to read, even in low lighting. It is a very simplistic screen, but you have every metric you could want within view.


A water bottle holder and phone holder combo attachment comes with the Pro X. The phone holder is a narrow receptacle that is the perfect size for just about any phone. The one downside is that you cannot see your phone while it is stored here. There is a small ledge on the console that can function as a phone rack. Using the rack will cover up the screen, so there’s no win-win scenario here. The water bottle holder is moderately sized and should hold most 16 oz water bottles or cycling bidons.

Assault Bike Pro X cup holder
The cup holder and device holder are removable from the console.


The AssaultBike Pro X’s console is Bluetooth and ANT+ compatible. I was able to pair my Garmin watch to the console to train via heart rate. Most Bluetooth or ANT+ monitors should be able to connect with the Pro X.


I have never found it easy to use an air bike. This category of cardio equipment is intense. The AssaultBike Pro X is a bit more beginner-friendly, because it is easier to get started pedaling. Yet, if you want to go for an endurance effort, be sure to pace yourself. The belt drive is smoother and quieter than AssaultFitness’s chain-driven bikes, but I wouldn’t say it is easier. The Pro X will deliver that challenging full-body workout you are looking for. It is not the best for slow and steady exercise, but that’s my take on most air bikes. The Pro X is perfect for interval training.

There are stationary footrests, so you can give your legs a break when needed. I found myself resorting to them in between my work intervals quite often. I also like being able to isolate my arms comfortably. The metal is knurled, so your feet will not easily slip off these footrests.

Assault Bike Pro X Pedaling
The AssaultBike Pro X Air Bike provides smooth and difficult resistance for a killer workout.

Air bikes can be a bit homogenous in appearance and offerings. What makes the Pro X stand out is its durable construction and quiet, smooth belt drive. The console is very nice and should be easy for beginners to use, so it is easy to jump on the Pro X and get to work.

Training Options

The AssaultBike Pro X has a few built-in training programs. These include intervals (Tabata, reverse Tabata, and custom), target programs (time, distance, etc.), and heart rate programs. Heart rate-based programs will, of course, require a heart rate monitor to be used in conjunction with the Pro X. It is easy to set up a built-in program to suit your needs or customize an interval program. There are light indicators for the rest and work interval, which are really helpful for telling you what intensity you should be working at with a quick glance.

The Pro X’s training options are great as a warm-up, included in circuit training, or as a dedicated cardio workout. It is easy to get your heart rate high and work at a high intensity with these programs or on your own. These offerings may seem basic, but they are effective.

Assault Bike Pro X Training
You can see the onboard training options pictured above.

Bottom Line Review of the AssaultBike Pro X Air Bike

I’m glad to see a belt-drive air bike from AssaultFitness, finally. This was a much-needed addition to their lineup. I think consumers will be much happier to have an air bike that is a bit quieter, smoother, and lower maintenance. You will have to sacrifice the rugged feel AssaultFitness is known for, but it is likely worthwhile for many users. The AssaultBike Pro X has a sturdy steel construction that is best for average-height users. The Pro X is definitely worth the consideration of new air bike users or seasoned athletes.

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