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Updated: February 21, 2024

The AssaultRunner Pro Manual Treadmill may be the AssaultRunner Elite’s little sibling, but that doesn’t mean its workouts are any easier. In this review of the AssaultRunner Pro Manual treadmill, we will take a look at what it has to offer and why it can take your workout to the next level. The Pro is a great match for runners frustrated with the speed limitations of motorized treadmills and without an oval office to get their speed work done. With the AssaultRunner Pro, you might not need a rubberized, eight-lane 400m track, the 17” x 62” rubber slat belt might be more than enough. Of course, you should stick to your trainers or flats instead of track spikes, as that kind of damage isn’t covered under the Pro’s 150,000-mile belt warranty.

AssaultRunner Pro Manual Treadmill Review 2024
The AssaultRunner Pro Manual Treadmill provides unlimited speed and intense training.

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Who The AssaultRunner Pro Manual TreadmillIs Best For:

  • Speedy Runners: Whether you are a sprinter or a quick long-distance runner, there might be workouts in your repertoire that are too fast and furious for a regular motorized treadmill. Yet, public 400m tracks are hard to come by. The AssaultRunner Pro swoops in to save the day with its unlimited speed capabilities.
  • Team Sport Athletes: Work on your accelerations and conditioning with the AssaultRunner Pro. This treadmill gives you nearly instantaneous control over the belt speed. The AssaultRunner Pro trains power, unlike motorized treadmills.
  • Crossfit Athletes: Manual treadmills have become a staple for Crossfitters. The AssaultRunner Pro provides a challenge motorized treadmills just can’t match.
  • Hardcore Runners: Very few people have taken up running and thought, “This isn’t quite hard enough for me.” If you are the exception, this treadmill might do the trick. For other runners, check out the Pro if you are in for more miles of suffering.
  • Barefoot Runners: The slat belt is gentle enough on the feet to allow runners to go barefoot.

Pros And Cons Of The AssaultRunner Pro Manual Treadmill


  • The AssaultRunner Pro Manual Treadmill has unlimited speed capabilities.
  • The slat belt is TPU, which feels soft and rubbery with a bit of bounce.
  • The belt has a 150,000-mile warranty.
  • The console is Bluetooth and ANT+ compatible. It also has lights to cue rest and work intervals.
  • There is a grab bar in the back for lifting the treadmill onto its front transport wheels.
  • AssaultFitness makes manual treadmills more beginner-friendly than other brands.


  • There is no water bottle storage.
  • The AssaultRunner Pro is very large and requires a dedicated space.

Manual Treadmill Review Of The AssaultRunner Pro

Build Quality

AssaultRunner Pro Manual Treadmill profile
The AssaultRunner Pro has a curved slat belt to help you accelerate.


The AssaultRunner Pro has a black steel frame. The uprights and arms are tubular steel. The Pro has a solid black color palette with white branding along the upright sides and the deck sides. The handles stick out from the uprights rather than forming a z-shape which is found on the AssaultRunner Elite and many other popular treadmills. The handles could use a little more texture. They lack the rubberized grip found on the Elite. Due to the unlimited speed capabilities of manual treadmills, the AssaultRunner Pro may require runners to bail out if they feel like the deck is running away from them. Fortunately, the foot rails are textured for a secure foot placement should you need to hop off the slat belt quickly.

AssaultRunner Pro moving
The AssaultRunner Pro is heavy but can be lifted by its rear grab bar.


The AssaultRunner Pro is a non-motorized treadmill. Thus, you are the motor! A non-motorized treadmill has several benefits. The speed is unlimited. You can place the treadmill almost anywhere since it does not require electricity. It is safe to use during a thunderstorm as there is no danger posed by the power going out while exercising. You also save on your electricity bill! Non-motorized treadmills also reduce maintenance.

Running Surface

The AssaultRunner Pro has a large slat belt, suitable for running and sprinting. The running surface measures 17” x 62”. The slats are made of TPU, which is soft and slightly bouncy underfoot. It is comfortable enough for barefoot running. When I run barefoot on slat belt treadmills, I sometimes notice a subtle pinching sensation as the slats move closer together. This has never been painful for me. The slat belt is quite comfortable for running with or without shoes.

The deck is curved. Moving closer to the front of the belt, on the steeper portion, it feels like running at an incline. Running toward the front curve accelerates the belt, while running further back will maintain or decrease the speed. The AssaultRunner has a pronounced curvature, which makes it easier to accelerate the belt.

AssaultRunner Pro Manual Treadmill Slat Belt
The slat belt is textured and curved to help you run as fast as you want.


The AssaultRunner Pro is a non-folding treadmill. Thus, it does require considerable space. The Pro is quite heavy, but the two transport wheels and rear grab bar make it much easier. One fit individual should be able to transport the AssaultRunner Pro across a hard floor. I am a 5’4” runner, and I am able to move the AssaultRunner Pro on my own. I wouldn’t volunteer to do it regularly, but it can be done. The AssaultRunner Pro is the lightest manual treadmill on the market at 280 lbs. If you had to choose a curved manual treadmill to move often, I suppose this would be the one.

AssaultRunner Pro Manual Treadmill Grab Bar
The rear grab bar helps in the transportation of the treadmill.

Features & Accessories

The AssaultRunner Pro Manual Treadmill has sparse features. Running on a manual treadmill requires a lot of concentration and focus on running form. The narrower width of the belt requires the runner to stay centered during the activity. AssaultRunner has stripped down all the distracting extras. Additionally, the treadmill does not use electricity, restricting which features can be included.

Console Overview

The AssaultRunner Pro has a basic battery-powered console. It mainly displays training metrics like total time, distance, speed, calories, and watts. The simplicity of the Pro’s console keeps with the low-tech and durable design. It is also user-friendly.

AssaultRunner Pro Manual Treadmill console
The Pro has a battery-powered console with an easy to navigate interface.


The console has Bluetooth and ANT+ connectivity, allowing runners to connect their console to their smart device. The AssaultFitness app provides extra training content and a social platform for connecting with other AssaultFitness athletes. The ANT+ connectivity allows users to pair heart rate devices and other ANT+-enabled fitness devices.


Manual treadmills are more difficult to run on than motorized treadmills or running outdoors on a flat path. The effort level of running on the AssaultRunner Pro is akin to running uphill. You have to move the belt, which is heavy, but the AssaultRunner Pro manual treadmill is easier to use than other manual treadmills with heavier belts or less curvature. Runners should expect to run slower than they would outdoors or on a motorized treadmill. It’s that much harder!

I feel confident in saying that runners performing short sprints or longer efforts will find the Pro suited to their needs. Adapting to the demands of a manual treadmill takes time, but if you start at a conservative pace, you can master the necessary form within a couple of runs. The AssaultRunner Pro’s belt is easier to accelerate than other manual treadmills. This allows you to sprint hard or sustain your running pace for longer. The AssaultRunner Pro is a beginner-friendly manual treadmill. Though a manual treadmill may be overkill for only walking, it works well. I am able to sustain a smooth and consistent walking pace on the AssaultRunner unlike the Trueform manual treadmills which favor a specific running form.

AssaultRunner Pro Manual Treadmill Running
The AssaultRunner Pro is a great manual treadmill for beginners or experienced runners.

Subscription & Content Options or Training Options

The AssaultRunner Pro has limited training content onboard. There are a few interval and target workouts. These can be easily accessed through the console. There is a light that indicates ‘work’ and ‘rest.’ These two lights are useful during interval training, so you know exactly when to alter your pace.

More training content can be found on the AssaultFitness app. This app provides a workout of the day for the AssaultRunner treadmills. The app is free, so you don’t have to worry about pesky subscriptions.

AssaultFitness App
The free AssaultFitness App can connect with Bluetooth to the Pro treadmill.

Bottom Line Review of the AssaultRunner Pro Manual Treadmill

The AssaultRunner Pro Manual Treadmill can unlock your hidden speed potential or make you curse running even more. It is one of the most beginner-friendly manual treadmills due to its easy-to-move belt and steeper deck curvature. The Pro is ideal for sprinting, interval training, and barefoot running. Its durable construction is sturdy. The belt even has a 150,000-mile warranty. I don’t want to even think about how long it would take me to run that far! The AssaultRunner Pro is the lightest manual treadmill on the market, though it tips the scales at 280 lbs. Train with the simple yet challenging workouts on the console, or pop over to the AssaultFitness app for even more training on the Pro Manual Treadmill.

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