​Exercises To Target Every Muscle In The Rear For A Bigger Butt

Few attributes garner more attention than a pronounced posterior. If you have any doubts about booty power, just look at the worldwide fascination with butt-endowed celebrities.

If you’re suffering from rear-end envy, it can be daunting to pursue an epic backside. After all, most of us fall flat in comparison with, say, Jennifer Lopez. With that in mind, the first step toward a perky and prominent tush is to think realistically.

If you’re starting with a flat rear end you can thank–or curse–genetics, which determine where you tend to put on weight. If you come from a family where dainty derrieres are de rigueur, you may not be able to achieve the look of a long-lost Kardashian sister short of getting implants. You can, however, make a significant difference in the appearance of your own unique tush by regularly engaging in a targeted butt workout.

The results won’t just have you looking sexier in your yoga pants. A strong butt also yields significant health benefits.

If your bottom muscles are weak, smaller muscles kick in when you’re exercising or even just walking. This kind of compensation can cause strain in areas like your hips, back and knees. Preventing aches and pain is certainly another good incentive to build up that butt.

Purchasing A Home Treadmill For Your Fitness Goals

When you think of someone with a shapely body and backside, you probably picture one of those gym rats who live for the sweat-drenched camaraderie of their favorite fitness center. If work and family considerations are keeping you at home, however, there’s good news. You can power up your posterior using your personal treadmill.

If you’re considering buying a treadmill but don’t know which make and model to purchase, that’s what we are here for. Treadmill Reviews can help you compare factors like price and features so you can feel good about your final selection.

Know Your Body From Top to Bottom

Crafting a targeted butt workout starts by knowing which areas to focus on.

The biggest muscle in your bottom, and your body, is the gluteus maximus. Combined with two smaller posterior muscles, the gluteus maximus and the gluteus medius, it forms a muscle group often referred to as “the glutes.”

The gluteus muscles help you stretch and rotate your hips and come into play when you’re moving your legs away from or toward the center of your body. Working your glutes is key when it comes to sculpting and toning your booty.

Your hamstrings are attached to your glutes, so working thee muscles can also make for a perky backside.

Run Or Walk On An Incline To Get a Better Butt

Ramp it up when you’re running or walking on your treadmill, because exercising on an incline lets you zero in on your glutes and hamstrings. Here’s one more tip when it comes to your “uphill battle” for a better booty. Before you lower that incline, turn around, because walking backwards can further tone your but.

Other ways to build your bum on your treadmill, whether your workout is flat or hilly, include

  • Lunges
  • Squats
  • Side-steps
  • Step-ups with knee lifts

Whittle Your Waist

Rocking that desirable “bubble butt” isn’t just about increasing the size of your rear end. What really makes an impact when it comes to achieving hourglass curves is to cultivate a waist that’s smaller than your rear end.

One of the best ways to get rid of that stubborn “muffin top” of visceral fat is to monitor your diet. Eliminating high sugar, processed, fatty foods is key – followed by lots of cardio, something that, again, you can do on your treadmill. You can then tone your waist and abs with crunches and other muscle-building exercises.

Consider Your LIfestyle

A sedentary lifestyle can wreak havoc on your hind-quarters. For instance, sitting in front of a computer for hours can cause you to put on weight, especially around the waist. We recommend you take a break from sitting every half-hour and even consider a standing desk, which allows you to move with ease from a sitting position to standing.

Engaging in regular exercise has been found to mitigate the effects of excessive sitting, which is just one more reason to hit that treadmill.

Eat right

Good nutrition is crucial to building lean muscle mass. This correlation between diet and derriere is emphasized in the aforementioned Sir-Mix-a-Lot hit, where he praises a woman who has curves because “red beans and rice didn’t miss her.”

Complex carbohydrates are a major component of a healthy diet, as is protein. Beans and other legumes feature complex carbohydrates and when combined with rice make for a high-fiber protein. It may sound counterintuitive for someone getting fit, but you should never forget to eat foods high in fat. The trick is focusing on foods with the right kind of fat, healthy choices like nuts, fatty fish like salmon, avocados and coconut oil.

Yes, there’s a lot to gain by paying attention to what’s behind you as well as the road ahead. Implement a targeted butt workout and you’ll be feeling like a badass in no time!