4 Regular Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Home Treadmill Running Smoothly

After investing time into reading reviews and money into purchasing the best treadmill, you will want to keep it in top condition. Regular maintenance will keep your machine operating at peak performance and prevent potential safety hazards. Below are 4 tips to help you keep your treadmill in good working order.

1. Keep your home treadmill clean.

There are a few layers to this maintenance tip. You should be wiping your treadmill’s console down with a gentle cleanser after every use. This will keep bacteria from growing on your machine.

An overall clean of the deck and motor can be performed once a month, though you may want to do it more often if you own a pet that sheds. Treadmill mats can be helpful for several reasons, and for maintenance purposes, it can keep carpet fibers out of your motor. Vacuum around your deck and motor once a month to keep things from clogging with dust and debris.

2. Regularly check all the screws.

Depending how often and how hard you use your treadmill, you may need to check the screws holding it together more than once a month. If you are a regular user (4 or more day a week) or use it for speed training, you may want to check the tightness of the screws every other week.

Some key points to keep an eye on are the console screws and where the console meets the main frame of the treadmill. If you find a screw has gone missing, call your parts provider and don’t attempt to substitute, since the wrong size can damage your treadmill or put you at risk if it is not secure enough.

3. Fix the belt.

Not many people have perfect running mechanics, so it is inevitable that your treadmill’s belt will need fixing. Check to see if your belt is too slack, which can cause you to trip after a while. Also, see if your belt is off-centered and in need of re-alignment. Being a bit off-center is alright as long as nothing is rubbing against the deck’s sides. This check should be done once a month.

4. Watch for treadmill wear.

Some treadmills like the NordicTrack 1750 can take more of a beating than others. However, a weekly check on the various parts of your machine is a smart practice. Some key areas of wear are:

  • SAFETY CORD – Is the cord and clip in good shape in case you trip and need the treadmill to stop as you fall? Checking things like the safety cord before you need it is a good habit to develop before each run.
  • RUNNING BELT – Another thing to check is your treadmill belt wear. Set it on a slow setting and observe if it is looking worn down any where in particular. If you’ve been vacuuming up a lot of black rubber, this can be a pretty good sign that your belt is giving out.
  • POWER CORD – Cords can get tripped over, prongs bent, and wires pulled, so be sure your treadmill’s cord is in good order. Be sure to check the outlet your treadmill is pulled into for signs of scorch marks.

So while you enjoy your treadmill, be sure to perform regular maintenance so you can love you treadmill for years to come.