5 Fitness Accessories To Step Up Your Treadmill Workout


Treadmills are great at what they do. Running changes your body and life through dedication. Once you get in the groove of running, at some point you might want some more challenge in your routine. Accessories are designed to reinvent the old. Fitness accessories are designed to reinvent your workouts. We’ve found five fitness accessories that will make your runs better than yesterday and leave you stronger for tomorrow.

1. Weighted Vest

Running with extra weight versus running using only your body is equal to using a 20lb dumbbell for a bicep curl versus a 5lb dumbbell. The heavier weight works your muscles more and leads to faster growth and more definition. Some weighted vests are a standard weight, while others allow you to add additional weights. Start light and build your leg strength gradually since adding too much weight too fast can damage your knees. Train once or twice during the week with the vest and once you take it off your body will feel lighter and you’ll be faster.

2. Weighted Bars

Using weighted bars allows you to work your upper body while on your treadmill. You can perform shoulder presses, bicep curls and even high rows. The combined benefit of running and muscle training gives your workout an extra fat burning bonus. This also helps you save time by combining two workouts in one.

3. iFIT 3-in1 Tracker

iFIT is a multi-platform app that helps sync your workouts and always stay up to date on your fitness goals. It tracks calories, distance and sleep to keep you aware of your body’s daily needs and actions. The tracker also syncs to treadmills to create a unique and harmonious workout. The treadmill app offers custom workouts from top trainers and the use of Google Maps to let you run anywhere on the planet.

4. Interval Timer

Interval timers are small, simple and let you create intense workouts. Set a time to run, set a time to rest then set how many times you want to work and push yourself. Go for 30 second sprints with 15 second rests in between 4 times and feel the difference in intensity. The more creative you get, the better your workouts and the better your results.

5. Heart Monitor

Heart rate monitors are meant to keep you aware of how hard your body is working. If you’re looking to burn calories and change your body, your heart rate provides a good indicator on how well you’re achieving that goal. With some research you can review your ideal target heart rate and aim to hit that range during your workouts. Monitors also help you avoid overworking your heart. This is great for people on medication or whose bodies may need more rest. The monitor keeps you in check.

Switch things up on your next workout. Whether you add some weight, race against the clock or race against yourself, turn your workouts into something fun and creative that continues to change your body for the better.