5 Reasons To Run With A Partner

You’ll never hear someone say “I really regret running today.” Finding the motivation and energy necessary to hit the pavement can be super difficult. Here are five reasons why running with a buddy will make exercising a better experience.


When your alarm to run goes off at 6:30 AM you have two choices: get up and go or hit snooze and sleep in an extra hour. I think we all know what the common consensus is these days. However, when you have a friend that you’re meeting, you might find a little more motivation to sacrifice one more hour of sleep because you know someone is counting on you.

Your running buddy will also offer another form of accountability. Are you trying to get faster? Are you incorporating sprints into your short runs? Did you add to your distance today? When we’re by ourselves, sometimes we settle for a mediocre run. But a partner can let you know when you could be making a better effort.


It takes a lot of self discipline to get a full run in all by your lonesome, every – single – time. But when you have a running buddy, motivation to be just as good as they are, or BETTER, tends to come naturally. You inspire each other to go just a little faster, to push for just a bit longer, and more.

More Fun

Time spent running can drag on and on: doing the same neighborhood loop or listening to the same playlist. When you workout with a partner, you have more heads putting together new routes, someone to talk to about life, and a buddy to witness your accomplishments.


Couples who carve time out of their day to spend time together benefit greatly, especially if this time includes working on their health goals. Not only do you gain some extra quality time during the week, you have a greater influence on your partner’s physique. We love them no matter what, right? But did you know that obesity is debated as being socially contagious? You’re more likely to gain weight if you’re around people with poor eating and exercise habits. And just the opposite, you’re more likely to stay fit when you’re interacting with others that are active, fit, and health conscious. So instead of sharing a Ben & Jerry’s and binge watching Netflix after the kids are in bed, fill up those water bottles and get active together! Take turns running sprints on your home treadmill and performing HIIT exercises in your home gym or living room. Enjoy an activity that allows you to build physical strength and emotional bonds at the same time.


The best way to reach the goals we set for ourselves is to have the support of loved ones. Have you ever set a goal, maybe when you were a kid, and your siblings laughed at you? When we have peers that diminish our goals and tell us we can’t achieve them, then we most likely won’t. But if you want to run a marathon or participate in a triathlon, surround yourself with people who support and encourage you! Our mental state has a lot of impact on our physical goals. So find a workout buddy who is going to encourage you and help you get to where you want to be.