5 Things that you can only do on a Desk Treadmill

5 Things that you can only do on a Desk Treadmill

My husband is an active guy; we’re talking works out 4-5 times a week, and plays tennis or basketball whenever he can. He has always been terrified of a 9-5 job where he just sits behind a desk all day, looking at a computer screen. Now as an electrical engineer, that is exactly what he does. After about a year at his new job, we knew that we had to do something about his newfound inactivity. We didn’t want to change our diets, and although he threatened to quit and become a pro tennis player, we knew that wouldn’t pay the bills. For the sake of his sanity and happiness, rather than making a career change, we got him a desk treadmill. My husband has had his desk treadmill for 4 months now and loves all that he is able to accomplish.

Burning Calories

Sitting down only burns around 70 calories an hour, while walking at a leisurely pace burns almost twice that at 130 calories per hour. Of course, the more you crank up the pace, the more calories you’ll burn.

Greater Productivity

In a recent study done by the University of Minnesota, they found that employees who used a desk treadmill actually boosted their productivity in the workplace. By using a desk treadmill, employees reported having higher energy levels and greater concentration.

Healthier Life

U.S. obesity rates have doubled since 1970 and a prime contributor to this is our sedentary, office jobs. Instead of being outside, throwing an ax around, we’re now sitting behind desks, sipping our Starbucks and popping M&M’s in our mouth. A desk treadmill makes our office jobs a little less sedentary, and a lot healthier. Not only is it helping us get in the recommended 30 minutes of physical activity, therefore reducing the risk of obesity, but it is helping our heart as well. Walking the equivalent of 10 blocks a day has been shown to decrease the risk of developing heart disease by 33%.

Reduce Back Pain

Sitting for long periods has a tendency to make us slouch no matter how much we might try to avoid it, and when you’re sitting behind a desk for 40 hours a week, you can really feel it on your back and neck. Having a desk treadmill also eliminates this problem. I’m not saying you have to walk on the treadmill the whole 8 hours you’re at work. But when you start to feel yourself slouching, you can hop up to your treadmill and walk those aches away.

Happier Overall

I noticed a significant change in my husband when he started using his desk treadmill. He used to come home drained and a little depressed. Since he’s made the switch, he has more energy, he’s happier and most importantly, he doesn’t hate his office job.

If you have an office job and find yourself drained when you get home or working out kinks in your neck and back or notice that you’ve gained a few pounds since starting your job, stop waiting and make the switch to a desk treadmill.