6 Apps That Can Make Any Couch Potato A Treadmill Lover

Making the transition from the couch to the treadmill can be difficult for anyone. Of course, technology is no substitute for hard work and goals, but these five apps can certainly make the process more enjoyable:

Couch to 5k

C25K offers an easy plan for beginning runners and couch potatoes. Use the official C25K app to go from sitting on the couch to your very first 5K. This app provides a plan in an easy to understand and moderate way making it ideal for the newbie.

Pros: Very easy to use, lists actual nearby 5ks, and provides manual entry for treadmill use.


Strava is an app often used by professional runners that also allows users to upload data running on the treadmill. It is recommended for a professional runner, for a newbie who is feeling particularly competitive, or for a social butterfly who wants to connect with other runners.

Pros: It tracks runs in detail and allows runners to compete against each other and connect through the app. Also great on the treadmill.


iFit not only tracks your workouts indoors and outdoors and knows the difference between the two, but it has one of the best personal coach components compared to every other fitness app out there. What’s better is that it can be uploaded to just about any NordicTrack machine, making your fitness tracking that much more accurate and simple.

Pros: Machine compatible and tracking is very accurate.


Runkeeper offers a simple platform with highly accurate run tracking. It integrates advanced training plans designed by professional fitness coaches making it ideal for professional runners. It also syncs runners’ music libraries with their run, seamlessly matching their rhythm.

Pros: Highly accurate distance and calorie tracking, advanced training plans, music syncing, and good compatibility. Stopwatch Mode is designed for treadmills.


Endomondo is sleek. Plus it manages over 40 fitness activities, one of those being running. It’s recommended for beginners looking for a no-nonsense running app. Users can also send real-time audio pep talks from friends and coaches, making it great for the social runner.

Pros: Endomondo highlights a clutter-free, easy-to-use interface and the ability to receive real-time pep talks from friends. It also has multiple options for syncing with treadmills.


RockMyRun adds the rock to your run with curated jams from some of the most talented DJ’s like Zedd, Afrojack, and David Guetta. It’s special Body Driven Music feature plays songs that match your running rhythm. This app is perfect for those runners that are sick of skipping tracks. Additionally, research shows that the right music can improve performance.

Pros: RockMyRun increases motivation, plus it integrates with other popular run tracking apps.

Use these apps to meet your goal, whether it be at the gym or at home.