Broga: Yoga for Men

Male culture today in the United States has more or less labeled Yoga as a feminine pursuit.  This is unfortunate because the original practice of yoga, which originated in India, was created by men, for men.  However, for some reason the practice was accepted more readily by females.

Although many might not admit it, it can be somewhat awkward for a man to admit that he is doing yoga.  It almost carries with it a hipster/hippy stereotype which may come off as undesirable to some men.  Thus nowadays it almost goes without being said that men are typically not inclined to do yoga.

However, Broga, a male version of yoga, offers many of the same practices, only adapted more specalized for males, taking from the premise that males are typically less limber than females.  Cofounder, Robert Sidoti states, “I was seeing a lot of male friends and family in their mid-30s suffering and not knowing what to do about it,” He goes on to mention that Their bodies were worn down by stress, aging, and abuse from hard-contact sports, but they weren’t game to participate in traditional yoga classes.

The name itself “broga” carries with it an almost negative connotation where a bunch of bros might gather together and do some stretching, “but there is some integrity to it.”

Perhaps one of the biggest differences between broga and yoga is gathered from the fact that men have broader shoulders and tighter hips as opposed to women.  This makes for several different types of poses that are normally done in yoga a little more difficult for men.  Aside from that major difference, the type of music that will typically be played during a broga session is a little different, as it may be “something you might here in a garage” The Black Keys, Radiohead, or Bob Dylan.

So if you are a man, and you have always wanted to do yoga, but may have been intimidated by the stereotype that it carries, broga may be the solution you have been looking for.  The only problem is that it is only offered in Sommerville and Martha’s Vineyard, Mass, at least until the planned videos start coming out.