Business of Exercise

There has been a growing trend among the world’s largest and most successful organizations.  These establishments have started setting up health and wellness programs for their employees.  Some organizations have gone as far as to replace chairs with treadmills, but others just include gym membership along with employment.

Statistics show that these perks actually work both ways.  The employee in question gets optimal health, and the employer doesn’t have to dish out as much for insurance claims. Oh yeah, and regular exercise has been directly linked to better production. So if you are an employer and you are worried about how much a gym membership is going to cost for each of your little workers then you should realize that it will actually pay for itself over time.

People have begun to realize that exercise is important.  Exercise is being recognized as not only a preventative step toward health concerns but it is also a way of managing illnesses.  Every day more and more research reveals that exercise is the answer to different illness, disease, and chronic pain.

You see, exercise does a lot more than just improve your reflection.  It is actually recommended for people with diseases from diabetes to cardiovascular complications to arthritis. Exercise improves your overall wellness from the center of your bones to the outer layer of the epidermis.

In short this is how exercise is going to improve your life and your employees’:

–Exercise regulates blood sugars, improves circulation and respiration, removes waste from the body, and it helps deliver proper nutrients to cells throughout the body.

–Exercise neutralizes the body’s pH.  It keeps the blood from becoming too acidic.  Unbalanced pH can lead to a multitude of health complications.

–Exercise helps to maintain caloric burn, which, you will be well aware, helps to keep the body toned and prevents obesity.  This caloric burn also allows us to eat more nutritious food.

–Exercise improves static and dynamic posture.  It keeps the body young and agile, and will prevent one from falling over.

The point is that exercise improves every area of health.

It doesn’t just benefit the body though, there is ample evidence that it works wonders on the mind.

The chemical endorphin that is released during exercise plays a huge role on mood, so much so that exercise has actually been prescribed as part of treatment for clinical depression.  Besides keeping employees happy, exercise also keeps them mentally sharp.

Big organizations have been realizing if they want to have happy, healthy and productive employees then they need to invest in a treadmill.