Comprehensive Approach to Losing Weight

Usually people exercise for one of three reasons: either for cardio strength, muscular build or weight loss.  Can you guess which is the hardest to achieve.  If you answered weight loss you are right. Muscular development and cardio strength are going to come before the fat starts to fall.

To effectively blast away fat inside the gut you have to have a very serious approach to exercise.  There is a minimum requirement of 30 minutes of exercise before the fat stores are even touched, which means pushups for five minutes a day isn’t going to do a lot to help lose weight.

However, there is more than just duration when it comes to getting fat out of the body.  Yes, exercise is a necessary and vital part for weight loss—and, obviously, here we would recommend a treadmill for their convenience and effectiveness— but for real results real fast you need a proper diet too.

Proper diet means you are going to get all the nutrients you need to feed the body, meaning all the vitamins, minerals, proteins and such. But, it also means you are going to help stimulate your liver functioning.

A lot of people are unaware of the role the liver plays in the body.  It is responsible for hormone production, water regulation, but most importantly it produces bile.  Bile is a substance that travels throughout the body and eats excess fat stores. So, a clean liver also means a lean body.

Cleaning your liver is easy, basically all you have to do is:

— Avoid fast food, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes or anything else that is toxic in any way.  (Toxins are going to build up in the blood stream and lymphatic system, and they will decrease the amount of bile produced by the liver.)

— Drink a good amount of water throughout the day. (Water will help the liver flush out any toxins that may be coagulating inside the body, and you can even add a lemon in there to help detoxify they body.)

— Get good circulation. (Toxins get trapped in the blood stream, and increasing circulation is going to help get them out.)