A Couple Exercise Myths Debunked

Alright, so you and I know both know that in any type of culture there is a whole lot of hearsay, and a lot of myths.  I spent some time out of the country in a third world country and there I came to find out that we all have a tendcy to believe in myths and “things that our parents told us,” things that to an objective opinion, would sound ridiculous.

That is not any different in the world of exercise and fitness.  There are a bunch of hearsay myths that have been floating around for some time, this articles hopes to debunk a few of them

1) If I exercise I can eat whatever I want

– False.  People often overestimate how many calories they are burning when they workout.  The truth of the matter is that although an average man might burn 140 calories during a 30 minute walk, if he afterwards, sits down and eats a 250 calorie energy bar, that man has lost the calorie burning benefits of his walk.

2) I’m feeling too tired for physical activity, I need to rest

– False.  In truth, exercising may help you feel more energized.  Have you ever been tired, but ended up having to jog a little (for whatever reason, maybe to catch a bus or something) and then felt like you had more energy afterwards?  In addition, you may consider planning your exercise times around when you have the most energy or consider going to bed earlier.

3) When I work out, I need to work out for 30 minutes straight or it’s not even worth it

– Nope.  The truth is, several 10 minute works outs of moderate intensity can add up, and will be worth it in the end.

4) To lose weight I should only work on aerobic activities

– Not true.  Although aerobic exercises are good, strength training can help you reduce body fat, increase your lean muscle mass, and burn calories more efficiently.  It is also necessary to stretch and work on your core muscles as well in order to achieve flexibility, balance, and good circulation.

In the end, it’s important to remember that much of losing weight and becoming fit has to do with balance and proper diet, just as much as it has to do with pushing yourself and doing the actual exercise.  So make sure to keep this in mind during your workouts.

Carlos Morgan is a 22 year old Communications Major hoping to get into Law School one day and make a difference. If you feel you want to know more, check out his Google+