Cure Stress and Depression in 30 Minutes

Running on a treadmill burns calories and it strengthens cardio, sure we all know that. But did you know that exercise, and running in particular, helps to improve moods and fight stress?

Everyone is aware that exercise is beneficial for the body but still most of us (doctors speculate around 65-85 percent) still do not get the proper amount of exercise we need. When stressed, anxious, nervous, afraid or angry the body produces cortisol, a hormone that is directly correlated with stress. And, too much of it is going to damage the body’s organs.

Physical exertion is a natural way to fight stress.  When you exercise you decrease the amount of cortisol in your body. Increasing the heart rate and the body’s internal temperature will boil the stress right off.  According to Mayoclinic, 30 minutes of exercise is all it takes, which really doesn’t even seem like that much at all.

As the body is working to lower cortisol it is simultaneously working to increase endorphins.  You thought you liked running because it was fun, but, as it turns out, your body had just undergone a physiological change.  People are genetically wired to like running. It creates higher heart rates, stimulates the senses, and produces endorphins.

Have you ever heard the term “runner’s high”? When runners take to a route that is particularly long they often report a point about midway through where they are struck with a euphoric sensation.  This sensation comes from a flood of endorphins inside the runner’s skull.  Endorphins serve approximately two different functions in the body.  They numb the body from pain, and they promote euphoria. Add those together and you have an anti-depression pill in the shape of an exercise.

According to the world heart federation, 30 minutes of jogging each day can help to cure depression, and it can even be more effective than psychotherapy.  When you compare the two, jogging and psychotherapy, it becomes quite apparent which is the better option.