Do You Have Enough Backing against Backache?

Backache is a common type of pain that affects individuals of all ages and both the genders. The belief that back pain is more common in the elderly and that the youth hardly suffer from it is wrong.

Long hours spent at workplace, uncomfortable seating, and bad posture are some of the factors putting your back at risk and increasing your chances of back pain.

Prolonged problems in the back may lead to structural changes in the spine causing different types of abnormalities. So, you must make sure you adopt a healthy sitting and standing posture right from childhood. Often, it becomes difficult to rectify the problem when you have reached a certain age.

So, the more proactive you are, the better it is for your back. Remember: If your backbone is strong and your back is painless, you can well support your body. A slouching back causes many physical problems and personality flaws.

Top 6 Measures to Have a Straight, Strong, and Painless Back:

1. Sit Erect:

Though we have commonly heard this since our childhood from our parents and teachers and have often been rebuked for not maintaining a straight posture, not everyone has been diligent enough to follow this. The after effects can be seen in adulthood in the form of curved spine, slouching posture, and frequent back pain. So, maintain a straight back while studying, working on the PC, or while standing. An erect posture not only reduces the chances of back pain, but it makes you look stronger and more confident. It truly provides you with clarity of mind and enhances mood.

2. Bend Your Kneesnot Back:

While bending downwards to pick up an object, you must make sure you bend your knees and keep your spine erect. Thisprevents back pain and other structural problems like slip discs. Slip discs often occur due to gross misalignment of spine while lifting heavy objects.

3. Wear High Heels Occasionally:

When you wear high heels too often, you back portion suffers strain, and you get a bout of intense back pain. Your gait also suffers as a result. Curb your high heel shoe days and switch to flat slippers for comfort and easy walking.

4. Pain-relief Medication:

Never neglect back pain. It can worsen to unbearable degrees making you feel helpless. An effective painkiller like nurofen express must immediately be consumed. This drug is quickly absorbed into the blood at the site of the pain and shows its effect. This is especially beneficial when you are having fever and back pain is a result of that. This medicine lowers temperature, reduces inflammation, and cures back pain.

5. Heating Pads:

Use of heating pads is an effective remedy for back pain relief as the heat serves to improve blood circulation in the back and reduce pain.

6. Back Massage:

A gentle massage on the back with light oil helps improve blood circulation and reduce pain. You may even use a pain relief balm for this purpose. Attend to your back pain immediately. I am sure you don’t want to be termed a spineless creature. That is both shameful and painful. Ouch!