Exercising With Compound HIIT

HIIT is an acronym for high intensity interval training.  The whole point of this method of training is to push the body to its limit for as long as possible by splitting exercises into high intensity intervals.

For the most part HIIT is used for weight loss and is practiced on the track by running or on ellipticals or stationary bikes.  However, it is easy to take the methodology and incorporate it in the gym environment.

The point of exercise is to build muscle, but the only way to do this is by first tearing it apart.  It sounds almost disadvantageous to muscular development; however, the more you can effectively tear apart the muscle the more muscle will grow to replace the tears.

So you really want to tear them as much as you can, without actually tearing them from the bone or anything actually damaging like that.  When you work for 30 minutes at 60 percent max capacity you are going to do a fair amount of damage to the muscles, but you can get better results in just 4 minutes by going at 100 percent max capacity.

Going all out is going to make you feel a lot sorer because the muscles will be torn and the gaps are going to hold lactic acid.  When a muscle is sore it is really only burning because that lactic acid inside is causing it to burn.

Usually though, soreness and muscle tearing go hand in hand, so when you really tear your muscle good you should take a rest day after so that the muscle can repair themselves.  Too much exercise can actually damage the muscle by preventing them adequate time to heal.

So always be sure to take a rest day.  That way your muscle can actually repair and become useful again.

The great thing about tearing your muscle apart like that is that it is going to take a lot of caloric energy to keep that muscle repair going for the next 48 hours.  So by performing four to eight minutes of HIIT you can get up to 48 hours of caloric burn.

Here is how to do it.  Get on a machine, but don’t use free weights because that is going to be dangerous.

Put a comfortably light weight on the machine and pump as many reps as you can for a whole minute.  If you can’t go for an entire minute then you need to lessen the weight.

Try this method on different machines and see how it works for you, but beware you are going to feel dreadfully sore afterward.

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