Exercising without Getting Burned Out

Getting burned out is one of the biggest reasons that people stop exercising. Burnout at the gym or with your home exercise routine could indicate that something needs to change.

The feeling of getting burned out is an emotional response that a person usually gets after doing a repeated or difficult action for an extended period of time. This emotional reaction is often so strong that the person will find that they are unable to continue the action without forcing themselves.

In order to keep from getting burned out at the gym you should take certain precautions with your workouts. One great thing that you can do is vary your treadmill workout or the types of exercises that you participate in.

For example, if you have been using an overhead press machine every time you work out your upper body you could vary your workout by doing push-ups or seated rows. Varying your workout like this could help you keep from getting burned out at the gym.

Another trick that you can try is simple to spend less time than normal in a single gym session. If you are feeling burned out and you have been spending more than an hour in the gym in your sessions then you could probably benefit from shortening your individual workouts to forty five minutes or less.

Spending too much time in the gym during a single session could lead to physical fatigue afterwards which could, in turn, lead to a negative emotional reaction. Spending less time in the gym would naturally limit the amount of exercising that you would be able to do but there is also the possibility that it would make your workout more efficient.

To limit the amount of time that you are spending in your workout sessions you can try setting a time limit and committing to finish up your workout when the time is over. You could even try to get to the gym more often so that you could have a greater number of shorter workouts.

The two suggestions of varying your workout routine and keeping your individual workout times down could be everything that you need to keep from getting burned out and falling into general inactivity. One of the secret weapons for many exercisers, however, is to get an exercise buddy.

Exercising with a friend can keep you motivated and excited about exercising in a way that nothing else can. You can get the same benefits from exercising with a friend regardless of whether you are both running on treadmills or playing soccer.

Even though it’s a good thing to care about your physical fitness, it’s also important to care about your mental fitness. Don’t forget the many mental benefits from exercise.