Fat Burning Interval Workouts For the Gym

Fat Burning Interval Workouts For the Gym

Whether you weigh 250 lb., or 150 lb, we all have that area on our body where we wouldn’t mind losing some extra fat. One of the most effective ways of burning fat is by doing interval training. Interval training is simply switching between two different activities and usually at different speeds or varying degrees of effort. Interval training on a treadmill is easier than you might think and is one of the best ways to burn that unwanted fat.

Beginning Runners

Not all of us like to run, in fact some of us just run because we know it keeps our heart healthy and it makes us look good. If you’re a beginning runner, or if you simply don’t enjoy running very fast, you can still do interval training on the treadmill. First find yourself a treadmill that has incline capabilities because that incline will help get your heart-rate up. Start off at a 2.5 pace walk for about 5 minutes, once you feel like you’ve sufficiently warmed up, pick up the pace to a light jog at around 4-4.5 for about 3 minutes. Then let yourself recover by walking again for 1 minute. Repeat this process one more time. After your second recovery, add an incline of 4.0 to your interval while continuing your same pace of 4-4.5. Continue this workout for as long as you have the endurance and then conclude by increasing your incline to 6.0 for about 3 minutes and then cool down by walking. You’ll notice yourself getting stronger after a couple weeks of doing this workout and when that happens, go ahead and move on to the next level.

Intermediate Runners

If you’re a fairly proficient runner, then don’t be afraid to push yourself in your interval training on the treadmill. Follow the same workout as you did at the beginning level, but rather than running at a pace of 4-4.5, bump it up to a pace of 5 for a minute and a half, then 6 for one minute, and finally 7 for a minute, recover from this by walking at a pace of 3.5. Repeat this one more time but add an incline of 2, and on your third set, add an incline of 4. Your last set will be your hardest because along with running at a higher pace, you’ll have your incline set at 6. Make sure and reward your body’s efforts by giving yourself a proper cool down walk.

Experienced Runners

If you can run for thirty minutes straight without struggling, then you should start your interval training as an experienced runner. Interval training on the treadmill for experienced runners is identical to the intermediate level but rather than running at a pace of 5,6, and 7, instead you will be running at a pace of 7,8, and 9 and then recovering at a light jog of 4.5. The incline interval is the same as the intermediate runner. If you find that this still isn’t very difficult for you, make sure that you increase either your pace or the incline of your treadmill because you want to get your heart-rate high.

No matter what level you’re at on the treadmill, you can incorporate interval training into your workout and enjoy it’s fat-burning effects. Don’t feel like you’re restricted to a certain workout, start out by following this one, and then alter it to push yourself to the limit.