Fun Exercises to Do at the Gym

Exercising in gyms, these days, can get pretty tiresome; not because your muscles get burned out by the routines but because the place can get pretty jam-packed. Whether you are in an action leisure center or a gym in your area, if there is a thick crowd, it can get a tad more difficult to move about and enjoy your exercises.

Remember how fun it was when you played with a ball when you were a small kid, and how happy you felt as you run about the lawn? These two settings just prove that a spacious place is essential and variety can bring about more fun that mere use of exercise equipment.

Physioballs Improve Balance

Also known as exercise balls, Swiss balls or fit balls, these vinyl balls can easily strengthen the body as it improves core stability. Apart from exercising with this unique ball on your own, there are now gyms that hold ball training sessions for their clients. You may want to enroll in one of these ball classes and learn how to do different exercise positions with this unique exercise tool.

Band Walking or Running

A lot of athletic coaches like Cleveland Cavaliers’ Kory Angelin know the importance of resistance training, hence, they incorporate this into their athletes’ exercise routines. Most gyms now have resistance bands and tubes which are the best modified forms of exercise.

Simply wrap the band around your waist or you may attach it to a weight belt. A training partner should hold both ends of the resistance band. He should make sure that the band remains taut throughout the exercise. Turn your back from your exercise partner then slowly walk forward. Always maintain an upright posture as you move forward. You may also jog for variety.

Traveling Rotation and Lunge

There are people who train for the strength of their oblique muscles and they achieve this by doing multiple sets of exercises. This can get boring in the long run and may even annoy other gym members.

Keep boredom away by doing the traveling rotation and lunge. Work your gluteals, legs, and abdominal muscles by getting a medicine ball or a 5-10 pound weight. Go about the gym tracks and begin with an upright position and the weights lifted to the height of your chest.

Slowly lunge with your right leg, then your left. Simultaneously rotate the upper torso to your right, returning to the center then doing the other side.

Jump Rope With a Twist

As a kid, you must have played jump rope with your buddies. You can relive the fun during those days by incorporating this exercise onto your routine. Go to the gym and group together with your buddies there. Then, as a group, you can all skip together as a lively music plays on the background. This is surely an exhilarating and fun way to keep in shape.

Dance Away Your Excess Weight

If jump rope is no longer as exciting as it was when you were younger, then you can always resort to dancing! Many people enjoy doing this so go ahead and enroll in your local gym’s dance classes.

Zumba is in these days so just sway to the beat of the music and before you know it, you are already exercising excess fats away