Getting Into the Workout Groove

You’ve experienced, I’ve experienced it, those first few weeks of trying to get into a habit of exercising.  It stinks, especially if you’re coming back from a long period of not doing any exercise.  It’s hard between all the different things that life throws at you, families, friends, school, and work, it’s easy to get out of the groove of exercising.  However, for those of you who are at this point right now, or who have never even considered making an exercise plan, this one goes out to you.

The first thing that you are going to have to do is make sure you utilize all those different apps and programs that people have created to keep us all in line.  Or if that doesn’t work for you, I myself am quite fond of the old-fashioned pen and paper method.  The bottom line is, make sure to mark your workouts on your calendars or in your planners.

Next, make sure that you are using your time wisely.  There’s something about time management that is so difficult and sometimes we struggle to fit things into out busy schedules.  However, even a short workout is better than no workout.  Just make sure that when you are at the gym or working out, you are making the best of your time and working it really hard.

Another thing to do is get a buddy to go with you to the gym.  It will help you feel more accountable and you will be less likely to ditch out on regular sessions.  On top of that, working out with a friend will help the time at the gym go by much faster.

One more thing to keep in mind is that again, sometimes there is just no time to do any working out, so it’s just as effective and totally reasonable to schedule 10-15 minute workouts as opposed to longer workouts.  Just make sure that you work as hard during those workouts as you would during a single workout.

So again, just keep a few of these things in mind get back into the workout grove.  Especially for those summer time beach trips.

Carlos Morgan is a 22 year old Communications Major hoping to get into Law School one day and make a difference. If you feel you want to know more, check out his Google+