Gym Etiquette in The Treadmill Room

Gym Etiquette in The Treadmill Room

Time at the gym is sacred, whether you go there to start your day off right by running a few miles, or to unwind after a long day, or maybe you had a horrible day and you need to burn off some steam by running until you forget all your problems. Whatever your reasons may be for getting there, you don’t want to have your precious hour ruined by other gym-goers who don’t practice proper treadmill etiquette. If you’re familiar with someone who practices one of the following annoying habits, go ahead and print them off a copy of this article to clue them into their obnoxious behavior.

The Sweater

There is absolutely nothing wrong with sweating at the gym, and especially not on the treadmill. If you sweat a lot, then great job, that obviously means you’ve been working really hard. What is not ok however, is when you sweat a waterfall and then just hop off the treadmill without a second glance leaving your disgusting mess for the next user to clean up. Not only is this just rude behavior, but you’ll likely gain a mortal enemy from whoever has to clean up after you. Take an extra thirty seconds after your run to wipe down your treadmill, it’s the courteous and sanitary thing to do.

The Music-Blaster

Listening to music is a great way to get motivated while you run. However, the music that gets you pumped up at the gym, won’t necessarily get your treadmill neighbor as excited as you. Don’t be that person who blasts their music as loud as possible obligating everyone around you to listen to your music. Headphones are a wonderful invention, do everyone around you a favor and use some.

The Zombie

Everyone has different paces on the treadmill. If you need to start out at a walk, that’s awesome, good for you for starting somewhere. But there is nothing more annoying than when all the treadmills are being used at the gym, and you spot someone walking at the most leisurely pace ever, just staring at their phone. This person is not getting any kind of workout in, and worse yet they’re taking up a treadmill that you could be using. If you’re guilty of being a zombie on a treadmill, you’ll make a lot more friends if you leave your phone at home next time.

The Farter

Unfortunately we’ve all been in the situation where we’ve either been the farter, or we’ve had to run next to one. Something about running can make your gases flow, and again like sweating, there is nothing wrong with this natural bodily response. If you’re running outside by yourself, go crazy and fart as often, as loud and as smelly as you’d like. Or better yet, buy your own treadmill and then you’ll never have to worry about anyone witnessing your bodily functions. But when you’re in a gym, have some courtesy for the people around you and step into the bathroom when you feel the urge to pass gas.

If you’ve read this and thought, “whoops, I do that.” Then you need to make some changes, because there is no doubt that you’re annoying those around you. If you’ve read this thinking “I totally know someone who does that!” Hang in there, take solace in the fact that you’re not alone in being irritated with them.