Hacking Good Habits

There is nothing worse than seeing someone invest in a treadmill only to let it collect dust.  Most people start with the best intentions, figuring their drive and motivation will maintain a level consistent.  Unfortunately, it is not going to.   The best trick to fitness isn’t starting to exercise. It is changing your lifestyle.  This is going to take some good habits.  That is why we have compiled six tricks to turning your workouts into routines.

Commit To Thirty Days

It takes anywhere from three to four weeks to make a habit become automatic.  Motivation is going to last about two hours, at max if that.  If you can trudge through the initial conditioning phase then your routine is going to become much easier.  Set aside an entire and use it to develop a good habit.

Create A Trigger

A trigger is going to be an activity that elicits your new behavior.  So if you want to start waking up early then the trigger could mean waking up the same way every day.  If you want to start exercising you could use a specific song as your trigger. Find something that motivates you, and use it to your advantage.

Keep It Steady

Consistency is key. Doing something consistently creates habits that are deeper ingrained as an integral part of who we are.  Just think about it, if you exercising every other day, then there is that day where you are forming a habit to sit around.

Know The Pain

Knowing the pain means, do not get in over your head.  Start slow, and do not overwhelm yourself.  It is going to be important that you know what you are getting into, so that you do not shock yourself.

Know The Benefits

It is going to be hardest to maintain the routine or new behavior around two weeks into the developmental process.  Knowing the benefits is the best way to keep your attention geared toward the cause.

Do It For You

This will help you to keep up your motivation.  Don’t worry about what others may think about what you are doing, or what other habits you “should” have.  Tailor your habits toward your own habits, and don’t worry about anyone but you.