How Ten Minutes On The Treadmill A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

How Ten Minutes On The Treadmill A Day Keeps The Doctor Away

When most people think of traditional workouts they envision an hour of weights or a half hour of running in order to get great results. These timeframes don’t always seem realistic for the average person. Work, family, friends and errands all take up a lot of our time. Finding other ways to keep your body healthy while juggling multiple responsibilities and saving time is what living in our fast day and age is all about.

Running is a full body workout. Running on treadmills offers you the full body workout plus so much more. Inclines, sprints, side shuffles and backward jogging are all new possibilities when it comes to using a treadmill as your main workout equipment. More importantly, the variety in running techniques allows you cut your workout time and still get amazing results.

Below are some options on how using a treadmill can keep you healthy and change your body in 10 minutes a day.

10 Minute HIIT on The Treadmill

High Intensity Interval Training has broken through as one of the best ways to workout in a minimal amount of time. Instead of running at a set pace for 10 minutes, create a variety run that warms you up, builds up and closes out with a strong sprint or two. Try this sample workout. The three numbers in speed represent your fitness level: beginner, intermediate and advanced respectively.

1 minute5/6/7
1 minute6/7/8
2 minutes6.5/7.5/8.5
30 seconds7.0/8.0/9.0
30 secondsSprint 8.0+
Complete 2 times

10 Minute Treadmill Incline

The phrase “uphill battle” has a lot of truth to it. Any incline run is a test to challenge and push your body further. The battle is what causes you to dig deeper and end up on top. Treadmills that offer incline features allow you to control how much of a battle you want to encounter. Running uphill burns more calories, hit more muscle groups including your abs and butt and changes up your bodies mechanics to make you a faster flat runner once you’re done. This sample incline workout provides a quick 10 minute run that will challenge runners of all fitness levels.

1 minute5/6/71%
1 minute6/7/82%
1 minute6.5/7.5/8.52%
1 minute6.5/7.5/8.54%
30 seconds7/8/94%
30 secondsSprint 8+4%
Complete 2 times


Once you get in the groove of HIIT running or incline running, ideas will began to pop up and you’ll start to create your own unique 10-minute run program. The key to an effective 10-minute treadmill run is intensity and challenge. Those two factors will make sure you never need to spend an hour in a gym.