How To Correct Overpronation With Treadmill Training

Pronation is a normal and natural movement in the ankle as people take steps. As someone pushes off with their foot, pronation rolls the foot slightly inward. However, overpronation can cause the inward roll to become more severe, straining the muscles and tendons which connect the foot to the rest of the leg.

Overpronation is common in runners and takes a lot of training to correct the issues. If overpronation is something you struggle with, training on the right treadmill can be an ideal way to overcome this problem.

Why Use A Treadmill To Correct Overpronation?

A treadmill is an ideal way to deal with overpronation namely as it offers a more cushioned surface than either cement, asphalt, or other outdoor surfaces. The deck of most treadmills offers greater flexibility than the outside ground would, which will allow over-strained feet the ability to recover as you correct the overpronation.

Also, many of the tips we recommend to help someone correct their overpronation are easier to accomplish on a treadmill than through any other running surface.

Ways To Correct Overpronation On Your Treadmill

There are specific things you can do during your treadmill training which will help you to correct your overpronation. The most important of these things are:

  • Adjust treadmill incline often – When running or walking on an incline, overpronation is often eliminated, as primarily the balls of the feet are the only part of the foot which strikes the deck. So, as you correct your overpronation, where you strike can also be altered so you are less likely to overpronate. While not everyone can find enough incline outdoors, a treadmill can always provide a convenient incline.
  • Keep your pace steady – It is natural to alter your pace during a run. However, this can contribute to sloppier foot placement and overpronation. By setting your treadmill to a steady pace, you can be sure that you will not allow your pace to affect your foot placement.  
  • Focus on your gait – Your own focus is one of the most important parts of correcting overpronation. It can be dangerous to be overly-focused on your gait and foot movement when working out outdoors but on a treadmill, you can relax some of your situational awareness. Instead, set the treadmill at a pace you can stick to easily then hone in on how your feet and ankles are moving.

Choose The Right Treadmill For Your Needs

Not all treadmill can equally help you with your goal of correcting overpronation. Ideally, many of the features for this can be found on one of the best treadmills under $1,500. These treadmills have well-cushioned decks, good incline ranges, and other top-notch features. So, if you are looking for the right treadmill to help you train away your overpronation, be sure to read our treadmill reviews carefully.