How To Use Your Treadmill To Tone Your Legs

How To Use Your Treadmill To Tone Your Legs

Most times when you look at your treadmill you only think about running to train, burn calories and lose weight. Reimagining how you use a treadmill can tone your body if used the right way. Using a few new moves, along with running, can help tone your legs in ways running alone wouldn’t.

Go for a Run

Benefits: No matter your fitness level, a good run strengthens and increases muscle while shedding fat and burning calories. The combination benefit leads to more definition and toning in your legs.

How to: Treadmills offer a variety of ways to run. You can create your own workout or use one of the many built-in runs. You can go on a relaxing distance run or jump into interval training to really get your body working in a short period of time.

Hit That Treadmill Incline

Benefits: Resistance is what causes your muscles to grow and develop stronger. Incline running adds the natural resistance of gravity to your entire body. The higher you climb, the more you’ll target muscles you rarely use.

How to: Most treadmills have an incline panel. Using the incline can be tricky if you’ve never tried it before. Ideally you should find a moderate jogging pace and increase the incline % by 1 point until you find a comfortable max %. Let that be your buffer as you progress into higher inclines and speeds

Side Shuffles

Benefits: Side shuffles help tone your inner and outer thighs to bring full definition to your legs on all sides.

How to: Start with the machine at a low to moderate speed. Keep your body in motion for a minute to get in rhythm. Holding onto the bar, turn your body until your right side is facing the treadmill panel. Shuffle your feet in a steady motion with the treadmill, letting go of the bar if you feel comfortable. Bend low to really work your all your leg muscles and get the best benefit of this workout.

Backwards Shuffle

Benefits: Jogging backwards trains your muscle in a way they’ve never experienced, which will aid in quicker muscle growth and more calories burning. Also running backwards can help your muscles heal faster and increase your balance.

How to: Start by facing forward and putting the treadmill in a low to moderate speed to warm your body up. Grab your handlebars and turn your body away from the treadmill. If you’re brave enough and feel comfortable, let go of the bars. Shuffle your feet back and keep your upper body tall and your core tight.

Walking Lunges

Benefits: Lunges engage your core, glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps and calves with every motion. In addition they are great for helping improve your balance.

Put your treadmill in a slight incline and a low to moderate speed that you feel comfortable with. Walk for a minute to get your body warmed up and synched with the treadmill speed. Ideally you should be more in middle of the treadmill to give yourself room to lunge fully. Alternate lunging your legs and hold onto the rails if you need support.

Changing up your workout routine will always lead to new and better results. Mix in these new moves with your weekly run schedule and watch your legs become stronger and toned.